Basic Sewing Machines

Singer Perfect Finish ET-1 Overview Name: Singer Location: Textile Area Status: Operational Training: None Slack Channel: #help-textiles-arts-and crafts Owner: Chris J Bernina Activa 220 Overview Name: Bernina Location: Textile Area Status: Operational Training: None Slack Channel: #help-textiles-arts-and-crafts Owner: denhac Training There is no required training to use either of these home sewing machines. Operation Safety […]

Serger Sewing Machines

Hobbylock 796 Overview Name: Hobbylock Location: Textile Area Status: Operational Training: Required Slack Channel: #help-textiles-arts-and crafts Owner: denhac Janome 9102D Overview Name: Janome Location: Textile Area Status: Operational Training: Required Slack Channel: #help-textiles-arts-and-crafts Owner: Kathleen Norman Training Training is required. The current serger training covers both the Hobbylock and the Janome. Reach out in the […]

South Bend Lathe

Lathe history: This is a 1927 South Bend lathe. It was originally purchased by a German immigrant to the US named Karl Nilson, who ran a blacksmith shop in the Schenectady, NY area. On his death, his widow sold it to Frank Mossey, it then went to his eldest son, Gerald, and then to his […]

Fujitsu fi-5750C Scanner

Access The scanner is currently in the fishbowl room. Feel free to connect its USB to your Windows/Linux laptop or use the web UI from the headless server. Connect to the denhac wifi/LAN to be able to reach the scanner server website. http://scanserver:8080 web based file browser: http://scanserver:8081 This will improve later, but remember not […]

Evolution S380CPS Metal Chop Saw

Description The Evolution S380CPS is unlike conventional abrasive chop saws. It utilizes a circular saw style blade with tungsten carbide tips that far outperform abrasive cut off machines in cut quality, blade life, and safety. Evolution saws are much cleaner, faster, and safer than torches, portabands and other methods for cutting plate, sheet metal, tube, […]

Grizzly G0561 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

Instructions Before Use It is absolutely required that the bandsaw operator has watched the “Setup & Operation” video linked at the end of this article before using the bandsaw. Do not cut thin stock on the bandsaw. There needs to be a minimum of three teeth on the blade in contact with the material. Doing […]

Hakko FA-430 Fume Extractor

Location Electronics Room Ownership Denhac, purchased new from Tequipment October 2021 Training not required Not required for use but please notify if the filter needs to be changed rather than do it so we can keep track of it. Consumables Prefilter: Hakko A1585, change when light indicates which should be every 200 hours of operation. […]

AHP AlphaTIG Welder

Location Metal Working Area History Ownership Denhac Specs Make: AHP Model: Alpha TIG 200X Year: ?? Description/Purpose: Two metals bits become one. Dimensions: Big x Tall Weight: ~ 50 lbs Accessories Lanthanated and pure tungsten available in 3/32. Lanthanted also available in 1/16. Mild steel and aluminum filler wire available in 3/32 and 1/16. Multiple […]

Hakko Solder Stations

Overview Denhac has two Hakko adjustable temperature soldering stations, one older with a knob to set temperature, one newer digital. There is also a Metcal suitable for finer detail work with it’s own wiki page. After reading and understanding this page, you are authorized to use them. Setting Temperature For tin/lead solder, 600 ℉ (315 […]

Metcal MX Solder Station

Replacement tips are $25. Please don’t scrape or pry with them. Use the other solder station if you are in doubt or new to soldering. See the Hakko wiki page for safety, tip cleaning information. After reading and understanding both of these wiki pages, you are authorized to use it. Setting temperature Temperature is set […]

Nomad 3

Required Training Training is required before operating the CNC machine. Overview denhac is borrowing a Nomad 3, “a fully integrated, ready-to-run desktop CNC mill that’s at home in any environment.” Training + authorization is required to use this machine. Specs From the manufacturer’s page: Materials General Process CAD + CAM Cut Cut Please be sure […]

COW (Computer on Wheels)

Location Electronics Room History Was used in hospitals until, one day, a nurse asked for, “that COW over there,” and offended a patient. It is now no longer used in a hospital.Was 3d printer computer station for a time. Ownership Denhac / RetroT.Wolfer(adoptive parent) Specs Make: dunno Model: 2.0! Year: yester- Dimensions: 6′ x 2.5′ […]

Co2 Laser Cutters

Overview denhac owns two CO2 Laser Cutters. Both have 35″ x 24″ bed (900 mm x 600 mm) cutting area. They’re available for member use after training. Our main goal with this training is to ensure that members who are new to the tool don’t end up breaking the machine. This page will talk about […]

Rigol MSO5074 Oscilloscope

Overview The Rigol MSO5074 is a four channel digital / mixed signal oscilloscope with a real time sample rate of up to 8 GSa/s. Easily upgraded, it features a 100 Mpts memory depth which is upgradable to 200 Mpts via software key code. It also includes 16 digital channels as a standard feature – simply […]

Lincoln Electric 125 HD Welder

Location Metal Working Area History Ownership Denhac Specs Make: Lincoln Model: HD 125 Year: ?? Description/Purpose: Two metals bits become one. Dimensions: Short x Stout Weight: < 50 lbs Accessories Uses proprietary Lincoln parts often under the Magnum brand. This one’s extra special as it’s a Home Depot featured product. Some accessories, such as nozzle, […]

Smithy Granite 1324 Lathe/Mill Combo

Location Metal Working Area History Purchased used by Denhac. Ownership Denhac Specs Make: Smithy / Detroit Machine Tools Model: 1324 Year: before May 2003 Description/Purpose: Remove metal Dimensions: 46″ x 22.5″ x 39″ Weight: 310 kg Accessories Upgrades None Pending Repairs Clean, lube, adjust as specified in manual Mill can’t handle much torque without slipping […]