Lincoln Electric 125 HD Welder



Metal Working Area





  1. Make: Lincoln
  2. Model: HD 125
  3. Year: ??
  4. Description/Purpose: Two metals bits become one.
  5. Dimensions: Short x Stout
  6. Weight: < 50 lbs


  • Uses proprietary Lincoln parts often under the Magnum brand. This one’s extra special as it’s a Home Depot featured product. Some accessories, such as nozzle, and tip, are readily found at Home Depot and appear NOT to be commonly found at the local welding supply store.
  • We have parts for wire sizes .025, .030, and .035
  • Use only 75/25 Ar/CO2 gas mix


  • This model, when outfitted stock, is configured for FCAW (gasless) welding. The previous owner or Denhac added a solenoid and piping to accept gas. This model and its accessories accept this upgrade by design; no-warranty voiding or overly ambitious hacks were made (to our knowledge)

Pending Repairs

  • None



  1. Apply PPE.
  2. Ensure wire is present and being fed through MIG gun.
  3. Open the gas cylinder valve slowly and completely until the valve stops at maximum “open.” Ensure at least 100PSI in cylinder.
  4. Power on. Minimize wire feed speed and adjust gas flow regulator to 25 CFH. Don’t let the feeding wire touch anything during this process.
  5. Attach work clamp, knob in the correct settings, and lighting gun to victory.

If any of that wasn’t crystal clear, don’t touch until you attend training.


  1. Power off, unplug.
  2. Close the dang cylinder. Gas is money.
  3. Clean the tip of the MIG nozzle using the MIG pliers. Replace damaged bits and consumed consumables.
  4. Neatly store cables and relevant welding tools on cart.
  5. Tuck MIG away and sing it a lullaby.


Intro to MIG welding Training

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