Evolution S380CPS Metal Chop Saw



The Evolution S380CPS is unlike conventional abrasive chop saws. It utilizes a circular saw style blade with tungsten carbide tips that far outperform abrasive cut off machines in cut quality, blade life, and safety. Evolution saws are much cleaner, faster, and safer than torches, portabands and other methods for cutting plate, sheet metal, tube, pipe and angle iron. A 15 amp motor provides plenty of power for most all cutting applications.

New features include a carry handle for portability, a cast aluminum base, and an improved vise design with miter detents and a locking pin for quick and repeatable miter cuts! This saw can handle up to a 15 inch diameter blade for even more capacity.

Metal Chop Saw Use and Safety

  • When clamping your material in the vise, consult the following chart to avoid some very unpleasant surprises during cutting. Use shims if necessary. Make sure that your material is evenly supported along the vise jaw faces. Your material should be clamped down rock solid, no exceptions.


Metal Working Area


  • Purchased by Denhac from Trick-Tools in June 2021.


  • Denhac


  1. Make: Evolution
  2. Model: S380CPS
  3. Type: benchtop
  4. Motor: 2.4 hp, 110 volt
  5. Blade Size (inches): 14, optional 15
  6. Number of Speeds: 1
  7. Speed(s): 1450 rpm
  8. Mitering Range: vise pivots 45 degrees
  9. Round Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 5-1/8
  10. Round Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 4-1/8
  11. Square Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 4-3/4
  12. Square Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 3-1/2
  13. Rectangle Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 3-3/4 x 7-1/8
  14. Rectangle Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 3-1/8 x 4-3/8
  15. Weight (pounds): 53
  16. Dimensions (LxWxH): 22 x 13 x 22



  • None required at the moment.

Pending Repairs

  • None. This was purchased brand new.

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