Metcal MX Solder Station


Replacement tips are $25. Please don’t scrape or pry with them. Use the other solder station if you are in doubt or new to soldering. See the Hakko wiki page for safety, tip cleaning information. After reading and understanding both of these wiki pages, you are authorized to use it.

Setting temperature

Temperature is set by the tip cartridge:

  • STTC-5xx: 500 ℉
  • STTC-0xx: 600 ℉
  • STTC-1xx: 700 ℉

The Metcal MX is an RF heated iron, powered by 13.56 MHz AC. The tips contain a tiny induction heater. The part being heated by that has a curie point (temperature where it stops being magnetic) at the temperature rating of the cartridge, so it quits heating at that point.

Changing tips

Do not remove tips with the power on. This can damage the power supply. The ideal way to change a tip is with a silicone hot pad. Alternately, pliers can gently be used on the part closest to the grip (not the actual soldering tip but the stainless steel tube). In either case, pull the tip straight out, place it somewhere heat resistant. Insert the new tip by pushing the tip against the rubber soldering mat to fully seat it.


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