Denhac Official Policies

This document details the policies and procedures of DENHAC, approved by the Board of Directors on the recorded date. This version of the Policies replaces any previously-dated Policies.

Updates to these Policies can be made by majority vote of the Board at any Board meeting.

Safety & Compliance

For any emergencies, always call 9-1-1

The Managers shall ensure DENHAC’s compliance with all fire codes, health codes, and relevant safety laws at all times.

It is the responsibility of all persons in the space to provide safe working conditions to every other person in the space at all times. Particularly, any two members can ask another person to stop doing something that makes them feel unsafe, regardless of what it is. Any conflicts that arise should be brought to the attention of a Manager or Board member.

Each particular piece of equipment to be found in DENHAC has its own safety procedures that are required to know before using the equipment. No Member is allowed to use any equipment for which he/she is not trained and approved to operate.

Each person is responsible for any damage caused to the space or equipment, beyond normal wear and tear.

DENHAC is not responsible for the lost or stolen property of the Member or any guest.


DENHAC’s board appoints – by majority vote – three managers who make the day-to-day decisions between board meetings. Each Manager has primary authority over a specific domain, though Managers occasionally share tasks between domains:

Business Manager – “Director of External Affairs”

  • Coordinates all business-related activities of the space
  • Represents DENHAC to external organizations
  • Submits budgets for approval and supervises spending
  • Works with the Board to draft policy, and oversee the implementation of approved policies

Operations Manager – “Director of Internal Affairs”

  • Directs the day-to-day operations of the space
  • Oversees tools and equipment, infrastructure, classes

Treasurer – “Director of the Money”

  • Collects dues
  • Pays expenses
  • Manages the financial accounts of the space
  • Tracks and reports on active members and financial data

It is not required to be a member of the Board to be a Manager, though it is required that a Manager be a Member in good standing. The Managers may from time to time join the Board in Executive Session.

Member Storage

All items are required to be in a bin or storage box. All members are required to label their boxes in Member Storage.

Equipment Use Policy

You must be a member in good standing to operate DENHAC tools or equipment. Do not use tools for which you are not certified.

Privacy Policy

In this Policy, “Personal Data” refers to information such as a member’s name, address, phone number, or other data that could be used to identify him or her. DENHAC shall always take steps to reasonably secure Members’ Personal Data. A Member has the right, upon request, to review and update any Personal Data stored by DENHAC.

DENHAC does not share Personal Data with third-party organizations for any marketing-related purpose. DENHAC will only use members’ Personal Data as it relates to providing the benefits of membership, one example of which is entering the Member’s Name into the Landlord’s security system for the purpose of activating the member’s access card.

Behavior & Discipline Policy

Conflict Resolution

Given that we are not in a perfect world, conflict will occasionally occur. Any Manager can be called upon to address a conflict between two or more members. The Manager’s decision is binding until the next board meeting, at which point the stakeholders have the opportunity to appeal to the Board. If no appeal is made, the Manager’s decision stands. Otherwise the majority vote of the Board regarding the appeal is binding.

Disciplinary Process

DENHAC reserves the right to terminate any membership at any time for any reason, but we strive for the process to be as fair and open as privacy and discretion allow us to be. The disciplinary process against a member can involve one or more of the following steps:

  1. The Member will get a verbal warning from a Manager or a Board member.
  2. The Member will receive a formal Warning, via letter or email, signed by a Board member or Manager.
  3. The Member will be called before the Board to discuss the behavior in question.
  4. The Member will be put on probation.
  5. Membership will be suspended for a length of time.
  6. Membership will be terminated.
  7. The Member will be permanently banned from the space.

Minor conflicts would begin with a verbal warning and only proceed further as necessary. For offenses that affect the safety or security of the space, a Manager has the ability to immediately suspend a membership, prohibiting the Member access to the space. This suspension is in effect until the next board meeting, at which time the suspension automatically ends unless the Board votes otherwise.

Note that some offenses – including but not limited to non-payment of dues – can trigger automatic membership suspension or termination, without a formal review by the Board or any other steps listed above.


Only authorized parties are allowed to sign for DENHAC. In addition to the Chairman, the Board has vested each Manager with signing authority over a specific domain:

Business & Operations Manager

  • Signs contracts, leases, third-party agreements that bind DENHAC
  • Signs for equipment checked in or out, such as for fairs/conventions
  • Signs for anything shipped to/from the space
  • Signs Membership Agreements


  • Signs any checks, invoices, or payables
  • Signs Membership Agreements

Board Member

  • Signs Membership Agreements

Financial Policy


The Business Manager shall provide monthly or lump-sum budgets to the Board for approval, from time to time as necessary, and shall work with the Treasurer to implement budgets that have been approved. The Treasurer shall report to the Board the progress of any budgets while in progress.


The Board has directed the Managers to set aside a Reserve of operating funds. The Treasurer shall provide periodic reports on the Reserve to the Board.

Member-Owned Equipment

This section refers specifically to a piece of equipment – such as a laser cutter, 3D printer, leather-stitcher (i.e. something more than just tools) – that a member wishes to locate in the space and share with fellow members. The guidelines of this arrangement are below:

  1. The agreement must be approved by the board in advance of its move to the space
  2. The equipment must be formally leased to DENHAC
  3. The agreement must contain the owner’s guidelines for training and allowed use of the equipment
  4. The agreement must contain a time period, or specify the terms of the equipment’s removal

Non-Profit Status

DENHAC does not exist to subsidize for-profit ventures. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, DENHAC prohibits any for-profit business or operations at DENHAC’s location, as well as any political campaigning or related activities.

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