Grizzly G0561 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw


Instructions Before Use

  • It is absolutely required that the bandsaw operator has watched the “Setup & Operation” video linked at the end of this article before using the bandsaw.
  • Do not cut thin stock on the bandsaw. There needs to be a minimum of three teeth on the blade in contact with the material. Doing otherwise risks breaking the blade and fouling your work.
  • When clamping your material in the vise, consult the following chart to avoid some very unpleasant surprises during cutting. Use shims if necessary. Make sure that your material is evenly supported along the vise jaw faces. Your material should be clamped down rock solid, no exceptions.
  • Adjust the bandsaw speed relative to the material being cut. Mild Steel does NOT cut the same way as Stainless Steel. Consult the following chart from Grizzly for parameters:
  • When cutting, pay attention to the chips being produced and compare to the following chart. Adjust machine operation until the proper chip form is attained.


Metal Working Area


  • Purchased by Denhac from Grizzly in October 2021.


  • Denhac


  1. Make: Grizzly
  2. Model: G0561
  3. Motor: 1 HP
  4. Cutting capacity – rectangular: 7 in.
  5. Cutting capacity – round: 7 in.
  6. Blade speeds: 90, 135, 195, 255 FPM
  7. Blade length: 93 in.
  8. Head type: FIXED
  9. Footprint: 38 in. x 13 in.
  10. Overall height: 40 in.
  11. Shipping weight: 343 lbs.



  • Coolant pump and tank is ready for use… once we get coolant. It’s on the list.

Pending Repairs

  • None. This was purchased brand new.


  • Watch all the way through the following Setup & Operation video before operating the bandsaw. Yes, it’s from a high school fabrication class, but it’s only 5 minutes long:

For instructions on how to install and adjust the blades (should only need done after switching the blade), please watch this video from Grizzly covering the process:

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