Fujitsu fi-5750C Scanner



The scanner is currently in the fishbowl room.

Feel free to connect its USB to your Windows/Linux laptop or use the web UI from the headless server.

Connect to the denhac wifi/LAN to be able to reach the scanner server website.


web based file browser: http://scanserver:8081

This will improve later, but remember not to leave your scanned documents on the server!


Flatbed scanner for up to A3 or 11 x 17″ sized documents, with a 34″ extension possible (somehow?)

Duplex ADF for large stacks of letter sized paper

USB 2.0 interface with Windows or Linux drivers (no Mac driver)

Up to 600 dpi 24-bit color outputs

Currently connected to a Chrome box server with UEFI firmware running GalliumOS for x86

Standard denhac login credentials for the chrome box server.

Files are stored in /var/www/… something

Scans go to /tmp/scanned directory, and can be managed from within the web app or the filebrowser on port 8081.

Filebrowser is in a docker container, scanservjs is on bare metal in a nodejs process.

There is a desktop environment on the chromebox that can be used, but there are no peripherals attached.

Workflow Improvements

/tmp/scanned could be the mount point for any inserted USB flash drive, it would need a tool for a headless safe eject option

The preview image files might be kept around and not deleted! Storage will fill up quickly as it only has 16GB.

Right now filebrowser’s docker run script is in /home/denhac/filebrowser/

None of this is imaged or in an ansible script or has PXE boot enabled, so be careful right now not to break this setup.

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