General Guidelines

A good place to start for general questions would be by emailing Just asking around the space is a great way to get information about denhac or about specific projects going on.

  1. This hackerspace belongs to YOU. Improvements, participation, and community projects are welcome and encouraged.
  2. Do not take items from the “do not hack” shelves.
  3. Unmarked equipment is fair game. Feel free to dig. If you want to claim an item for a project, put your name on it and store in a box in member storage. If you aren’t using it, put it back so someone else can.
  4. Projects left out and unlabeled are available to other members to claim. Put your stuff away!
  5. Please do not take tools home with you.
  6. If you borrow a book, return it when you are done.
  7. You’re welcome to come and go at all hours, but no living at the space.
  8. We rely on dues and donations to keep the space up and running. Remember; the space has to pay rent and other bills. This includes oddball crap like mandated compliance with fire safety (extinguishers) and other stuff most of us do not think about. Most of what we have is free for members to use, unless otherwise marked. If you use a lot, please chip in so we can restock.
  9. Tell a Manager when we’re out of or running low on something (such as 3D printer filament or other consumables). We may not already know.
  10. If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait, ask a Manager ahead of time if you can get reimbursed for a consumable expense. Be prepared to bring us a receipt if we approve.
  11. Ask questions and share knowledge.
  12. Don’t set the space on fire.
  13. Feel free to use the members storage shelves, but don’t take up more space than your fair share.
  14. Wear the appropriate protective gear for the task you are performing.


For now, use the following link to access our events calendar.

Resources & Equipment

A short list of major technical and physical resources are:

  • 80W laser cutter
  • CNC
  • 3D Printers (Lulzbot and Prusa)
  • Solder station and accessories
  • 50,000 resistors of various types and specs
  • 25,000 ICs from the 7,000 series family
  • Silicon Station and electronics project workbench
  • Pile of Cisco gear for testing/training

Dirty room for the projects that require more awesome than normal:

  • Lathe/mill
  • Table saw
  • Band saw
  • Drill press
  • Bench grinder
  • Welding machines (mig,tig,arc)
  • A ton of other stuff

There are tons of other devices and resources available to members which are not included in this list. Want a tool we don’t have? Tell a Manager or Director and we’ll budget money for it based on demand.

Don’t use equipment for which you are not trained. If you want to learn, ask!

The Board

The Board of Directors meets monthly to discuss policy and to set general direction for the space, currently on the first Tuesday of every month. All members are encouraged to attend and give feedback during discussions, but only Board members get to vote. Members become eligible to run for Board seats after three months of membership in good standing.


DENHAC’s board appoints three managers who make the day-to-day decisions between board meetings. Depending on what you need, they are a great place to start:

Anthony “digi” Stonaker

  • Business Manager – “Director of External Affairs”
  • (318) 548-5436
  • Bother for: pointy-haired-boss business stuff; legal-ese translation services; any interface with external organizations; general organization management

Mat “Greco” Branyon

  • Operations Manager – “Director of Internal Affairs”
  • IRC: /greco
  • Bother for: general space operations; tools and equipment; breaking nice things

Mary Scott

  • Treasurer
  • (720) 515-6781
  • Bother for: paying dues, spending our $, reimbursements, tax donation letters


There are a few things for which denhac has designated people to maintain and train people on. If you need access to a specific piece of equipment (i.e. the 3d printers, or a test VM on the cluster) these are people who can help you.

Tek –

  • Soldering
  • 3D printers
  • Sewing

Justin Nesselrotte –

  • 3D printers

Josh “krav” –

  • Networking
  • Cluster/VM stuffs

Scott “ChooChoo” Fraser –

  • Networking

These people are singled out as places to start looking for information to use equipment here. They are also an excellent starting point to find people with specific knowledge you may need to complete your project.

Alcohol/Substances Policy

Alcohol and all illegal drugs are prohibited from being consumed on any of ours or our landlord’s property.  Marijuana is prohibited from being consumed on the property, regardless of one’s medical card status or individual compliance with state/local law.  Tobacco and electronic cigarettes are allowed outdoors, more than 20 feet away from all entrances/exits to the building.

Specific exceptions regarding alcohol may be made at the discretion of the Board.  Exceptions will be clearly posted both in the space and on the member’s list, when applicable.

Getting Started

Not sure what you want to work on? Check out a few of these projects to help denhac!

  • Integrate more stuff with the soda machine.
  • Building a web based dashboard for denhac services similar to Tesla and SpaceX systems.
  • Help build a front-end for our member management API
  • Make a button that when pressed has two pizzas delivered to the space.
  • We need decoration, talk to Patty and get involved in making the space awesome!
  • Know something cool? Teach a class on it!
  • Look around, find something that would make the space better and more welcoming.


All members should remain aware of the following points at all times:

  • Know where the fire extinguishers are located
  • Do not stack anything so tall that it creates a falling hazard
  • Do not create open flames indoors
  • Keep all walkways and doorways clear at all times
  • Report any possible safety issues to, with subject line “SAFETY”

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists that we use. A members-only list that we’ll add you to, and a “friends of denhac” list that you’ll have to sign up for yourself (stupid technical reasons).

Member Storage

All members are required to label their items in Member Storage. This gives it a much lower chance of being claimed for an open project, recycled into the lost-and-found boxes. or even thrown out if enough time passes. Ultimately you are responsible for your things.

DENHAC will provide appropriately-sized bins to every paying member who wishes to use Member Storage. All items that a member wishes to store in Member Storage must fit within a single bin provided by DENHAC.

Lost & Found

Any personal or project items that are left unattended at a station. in the lounge, on the central tables. or other shared space may be moved to the Lost & Found box by the next member attempting to use that space. During a Hack DENHAC Day, all unlabeled/unclaimed items from around the space are moved to the Lost & Found.

At the beginning of the next Hack DENHAC Day, the Lost & Found is emptied, and the items are either thrown away or returned to the “to hack” shelves, as appropriate.

Donating to DENHAC

Equipment donations are great, but please ask us if we want it before hauling it in. If it’s old and useless to you, it’s likely old and useless to us. Please check with the Operations Manager before donating any item to the space to make sure we can use it before just dropping it off. We are able to assist in recycling certain items, but not all: please check with us first.

Cash and non-cash donations are tax-deductible. DENHAC is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Our EIN for tax purposes is 27-0799310.

Amazon Smile – aka extra $

Orders placed through Amazon Smile ( will automatically redirect a % of all purchases to DENHAC.  If you’re a heavy Amazon user, please consider updating your bookmarks to start shopping with instead of!

Shared Space & Cleaning

It is everyone’s shared responsibility to keep our space clean and tidy. DENHAC has no permanent staff. We are entirely volunteer-run, and we do not pay for janitorial services to come in and clean up the space.

This means everyone needs to try to leave the space a little cleaner than he/she found it. Before anyone leaves, check the trash cans – if they are full, empty them to the dumpster. If trash is left out on the main work table, take a few seconds to pick up a few pieces on your way out.

We will periodically host Hack-the-Space days to turn a chore into a more tolerable and fun group effort. Usually with food.

Inside the building, but just outside of our space is the break room/kitchen for Open Media Foundation / Denver Open Media. We can use their break room, but do not use their dishes, cups, or silverware.

Alarm Codes

If you come in the break room door, and hear the alarm go off, enter [check with board for current code] to disarm it. The same number + [arm][enter] will set the alarm on the small chance you are the very last person to leave the building (not just our area).

The code for the key lock box on the counter to the left of the fridge is: [check with board for current code].

A step-by-step guide to operating the building alarm system is available here:


After-hours and weekend parking does not require a parking pass. For parking during business hours or special events, see the OMF receptionist at the front desk for a guest pass. Permanent parking tags are generally not assigned without a demonstrated need, and is done at our Landlord’s discretion. Ask a manager or board member if you believe you require a permanent pass.

Before you leave the space

  1. Tidy your workspace, stow ongoing projects, and put tools back where they belong.
  2. Turn off/unplug things that could burn down the space
  3. Make sure the heat is set to the lowest setting
  4. Trash full or stinky? Take it out
  5. Turn off the lights
  6. Lock up!

Behavior Policy


Don’t be a dick.


Follow the Golden Rule: if you wouldn’t like something said or done to you, refrain from saying or doing that something to someone else. This goes for all possible forms of communication.

Any two members can ask another member to cease a task out of safety concerns. What is a “safety concern” (besides the easy cases, like setting fire to the space)? Anything that makes at least two other members feel unsafe.

Show respect for one another.

Really though, don’t set fire to the space.


DENHAC reserves the right to terminate any membership at any time for any reason, but we strive for the process to be as fair and open as privacy and discretion allow us to be. Upon breaching of the Rules, the following actions may be performed in any order:

  • The member will get a verbal warning from a Director or a Manager.
  • The member will be called before the Board to explain and/or discuss the behavior in question, usually within Executive Session.
  • The member will receive a formal Warning, via letter or email, signed by a Director or Manager.
  • The Member will be put on probation.
  • Membership will be suspended for a length of time.
  • Membership will be terminated.

Note that some offenses – such as non-payment of dues, or setting fire to the space – can trigger automatic membership suspension or termination, without a formal review by the Board.

Refrigerator Guidelines

  1. The Denhac refrigerator is intended for the short-term storage of food only. Ideally food should be taken with you when you leave the space.

  2. All food stored in the refrigerator must be in a closed, sealed container.

  3. All food containers should be labeled with owner’s name.

    1. Food without a name on it is considered communal property.

  4. All food must be labeled with the date it was added to the refrigerator.

    1. Food must be removed from the refrigerator within one week of the date it was added. Food that is not labeled with a date, or is not removed within one week of being added will be thrown away.

  5. The refrigerator will be cleaned/emptied every Monday at the discretion of the managers and board of directors.

  6. Managers and/or the board of directors reserve the right to dispose of anything in the refrigerator at any time and for any reason.

Payment Policy

Dues shall be paid in US Dollars only.  Both donations and dues may be paid via PayPal to  Cash payments are allowed for members in continuous good standing.  If any cash payment is missed, PayPal will be required going forward.

Member Dues (per month):

  • Standard Membership – $50
  • Student/Teacher Membership – $25
  • Senior Membership – $25

A 10% discount shall be applied, if dues payment is set up as a Subscription (auto-recurring) in PayPal.

Harassment Policy

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.  In addition to the DENHAC Golden Rule, “Don’t be a dick,” all members are also bound by the building’s harassment policy, located here:

Access & Security Policy

All members of DENHAC in good standing will receive a keycard allowing 24/7 access to our space.  This does NOT grant the member access to OMF, or to any other building tenant.  After hours, we are only allowed to be in our own space, or through our landlord’s space to use the bathrooms.  NO other access is allowed without explicit manager or board approval.

Please note, we depend on our landlords for access, and they occasionally depend on a third-party vendor.  Access cards may require up to a 2-4 week turnaround between request and activation.

In addition, all members are bound by our landlord’s access policy, located here:

Mail & Package Policy

No person is allowed to receive mail or packages at the space, unless it is equipment that is to be used by the space, for the space.

Network Policy

The DENHAC network exists for the benefit of the space, not for individual members.  Do not do anything on the DENHAC network that invites unwanted attention, or risks us losing our connection.

Prohibited activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Intrusions outside of practice zone / playground
  • Open bit-torrenting of copyrighted material
  • Causing any DMCA violation, really

Violation of the network policy is grounds for immediate loss of membership.


For information on our COVID-19 response, click here.