AHP AlphaTIG Welder



Metal Working Area





  1. Make: AHP
  2. Model: Alpha TIG 200X
  3. Year: ??
  4. Description/Purpose: Two metals bits become one.
  5. Dimensions: Big x Tall
  6. Weight: ~ 50 lbs


  • Lanthanated and pure tungsten available in 3/32. Lanthanted also available in 1/16. Mild steel and aluminum filler wire available in 3/32 and 1/16.
  • Multiple sizes of gas cup.
  • Stick electrodes and clamp available.
  • Use only 100% argon gas.


  • Gas lens kit installed and available in many tungsten electrode sizes.

Pending Repairs

  • None



  1. Apply PPE.
  2. Plug in torch and work clamp into appropriate terminals for your operation. Plug in foot pedal for TIG.
  3. For TIG, open the gas cylinder valve slowly and completely until the valve stops at maximum “open.” Ensure at least 100PSI in cylinder.
  4. Power on using the blue switch on the back of the chassis. For TIG, set CFH on flow regulator to (rule of thumb) 2x the cup size # on your torch.
  5. Install sharp and clean tungsten, attach work clamp, knob in the correct settings, go.
    1. Big note: The AC balance knob selects the % time spent in electrode positive state. It’s unlikely you’d set this higher than 40%. This is an inversion of what TIG operators of other machines may expect.

If any of that wasn’t crystal clear, don’t touch until you attend training.


  1. Power off, unplug.
  2. Close the dang cylinder. Gas is money.
  3. Clean and sharpen all the tungsten you used.
  4. Neatly store cables and relevant welding tools on cart.
  5. Tuck TIG away and sing it a lullaby.


User Manual

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