South Bend Lathe

Lathe history: This is a 1927 South Bend lathe. It was originally purchased by a German immigrant to the US named Karl Nilson, who ran a blacksmith shop in the Schenectady, NY area. On his death, his widow sold it to Frank Mossey, it then went to his eldest son, Gerald, and then to his […]

Grizzly G0561 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

Instructions Before Use It is absolutely required that the bandsaw operator has watched the “Setup & Operation” video linked at the end of this article before using the bandsaw. Do not cut thin stock on the bandsaw. There needs to be a minimum of three teeth on the blade in contact with the material. Doing […]

Nomad 3

Required Training Training is required before operating the CNC machine. Overview denhac is borrowing a Nomad 3, “a fully integrated, ready-to-run desktop CNC mill that’s at home in any environment.” Training + authorization is required to use this machine. Specs From the manufacturer’s page: Materials General Process CAD + CAM Cut Cut Please be sure […]

Co2 Laser Cutters

Overview denhac owns two CO2 Laser Cutters. Both have 35″ x 24″ bed (900 mm x 600 mm) cutting area. They’re available for member use after training. Our main goal with this training is to ensure that members who are new to the tool don’t end up breaking the machine. This page will talk about […]

Delta Bandsaw

Model Number 28-150 Overview Cut wood and plastic Blade: 59 1/2″, width 1/8″ to 3/8″ Files & External Resources Instruction Manual Location Wood Working Area History TODO Owner John Paul Urban Training Study required – Read Manual. Be familiar with band saw safety. Ask before using if you have questions.