Laser Maintenance Schedule


Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance of the laser cutter is only to be performed by explicitly authorized members.


  • Inspect and clean up general dirt and scraps in the working table. 
  • Check mirror #3 (arm) & lens for veil of haze and clean if necessary [manual pg 43]
  • Check water cooler levels. Gauge on the back side of the chiller case should be in the green zone. Top off using distilled water if needed.


  • Check exhaust system is pulling and clean if dirty


  • Check mirror #1(inner) & #2 (left rail) & clean if hazy [manual pg 43] 
  • Change water cooler completely with fresh distilled water
  • Check and clean air blower 
  • Lube arm rails and chain (manual says every 2 weeks)
  • Deep clean of workspace honeycomb and collection tray


  • Align mirrors – as needed 
  • Replace burnt out tube / other parts as needed

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