Board Minutes 2020-05-05


  • Chair – We’re voting electronically. Results at 9!
  • Vice Chair – Nothing to report. 
  • Secretary – Nothing to report. 


  • External Business Manager – Not in attendance. 
  • Internal Business Manager – Internet is borked right now because of power outage. 
  • Treasurer – Didn’t make an agenda but probably will next month. 8 cancellations on PayPal but 3 new signups. Likely migrated due to electronic voting. 67 total paid members in Stripe for April. Need to approve a 2020 budget. Last one was in April 2019. Tilver will work on it and send it out to the members to give feedback. Has reimbursement requests for Darrell and Colin. Paid business insurance for the coming year. 


  • Grendel  – No movement until people can come in to work on it. 
  • Workshops – April events cancelled. Will also be cancelling May events. Quantum meetups and chill code night still happening virtually. 
  • Vending Machine – Justin got the board to work but ran into a snag. Very close to completion but other things taking priority. 
  • Laser – Arturo has been working on laser more recently however not much due to The Rona™
  • 3D Printing Update and Budget Request – Justin has one of the printers at home and is working on it. MMU upgrade not looking good. Requesting $100 monthly budget request for 3D printer. Is there a benefit to giving 3D printing a separate budget vs adding a bit more money to the ops budget. 

⊕BOARD VOTE: Add $50 to the Ops budget to give more flexibility for repairing and maintaining 3D printers.

Result: all 6 board members who were in attendance were in favor. 

  • COVID-19 – Justin drafted and posted a response to the site. Members still allowed to use the space. Soon face masks required in city of Denver. Scott/Choochoo will post a sign on the doors to indicate masks are required to be in the space, stay 6ft apart, etc. per Denver COVID guidelines. 
  • Waivers – Sean/Lordspeed needs to call insurance about waivers. Tilver is going to look into getting legal advice regarding waivers and are they needed for guests. 
  • Discount for Disabled Members – We do not want to have a discounted rate specifically called a rate for disabled people but we will have an option for a custom rate for people in need. This will be added by the committee who will be doing the by-laws review. 


  • Electrify the Door – Budget of $470 to buy a part that will open the crash bar on the front door when a valid badge is scanned. Does not include cost of a board for the alarm. Might be able to get OMF or landlord to pay for the upgrades. Going to talk to OMF about us doing the upgrade and taking it out of rent as a building improvement. Only cost to us would be time/labor.
  • BitWarden – LastPass replacement? $5/month for 5 users. Additional $2 per user per month beyond 5. 25% discount for non-profits. Do we want to use in parallel as a transitional period? 

⊕BOARD VOTE: Budget $75/year for Bitwarden. (Cost with nonprofit discount is around $45/year. Budget for $75 for incidentals like if we need to add users, setup fees, taxes, etc)

Result: all 6 board members who were in attendance were in favor. 


For information on our COVID-19 response, click here.