Board Minutes 2020-04-07

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 04-07-2020


  • Chair – Nothing to report.
  • Vice Chair – Nothing to report.
  • Secretary – Nothing to report.


  • External Business Manager – Nothing to report.
  • Internal Business Manager – Nothing to report.
  • Treasurer – Nothing to report. 


  • Grendel – Jeremy is in attendance. Progress has been made. More work needed but we’re closer!
  • Workshops and Events – Most events have been cancelled or removed. Jack did an online quantum meetup that went well. Should consider more online meetups in the future if people are interested. Reach out to
  • Vending Machine – Justin has all of the parts. There is a wordpress plugin that will help with the vending machine. Mostly integrations problems that are hindering completion.
  • Website – Card on file for subscriptions plugin. 
  • Laser – Arturo and Damon looked at the laser. Made a bunch of progress but it still doesn’t pew. Still in progress. Will hopefully be back to operational after quarantine.
  • 3D Printers – The one with the MMU upgrade is not presently working. 
  • Membership Level for Disabled People – What can we ask? How do we have people prove it, if at all? What liability would we open ourselves up to once we make this membership level? Scott is going to work with Jack who has a contact at an organization that handles Colorado disabled peoples regulations/rights. 
  • Plugins: 
    • WooCommerce Memberships. We currently have WooCommerce Subscriptions. Would allow us to limit access to things based on membership types. $199/year.
    • WooCommerce Store Credit plugin. For vending machines. Would allow people to buy drinks from vending machine via Slack or add cash from the vending machine to their ‘account’, for example. $79/year
    • Total Poll Pro – Would allow members to vote on things remotely and automatically check if voter is member in good standing. $58/year
    • Akismet – API key. $5/month or $60/year to reduce the amount of Spam we get from the website. 
    • Aside from Akismet, the apps would keep working if we don’t renew once the 1 year subscription is up we just wouldn’t get updates.

⊕BOARD VOTE: Do we want to purchase the named plugins/apps for the website? Total cost: $396

***Result: All in Favor.

  • Phone Booth – Sockwell not in attendance.
  • Insurance – Contact insurance about all visitors having to sign waivers. Tilver will get with Mary about paying/responding to email received.


  • Virtual ID Check – Right now all new members have to have their ID checked by a board member. Is there another way we can do ID checks remotely?
  • Honorary/Friends of Denhac Membership – Proposal: Leave really useful former members on the members list and Slack even though they’re not paying anymore. Access card would be deactivated, they wouldn’t get to vote on anything.  Open questions: How do we determine who gets added to the list? Want to avoid it looking like (or actually becoming) a board favoritism list. How would we remove people for potential policy violation or general unwanted behavior? No decisions made on this topic 
  • Board Elections – Do we want to postpone? For how long? Can the plugin we voted on earlier facilitate remote voting in May? (Yes)

⊕BOARD VOTE: Do we want to vote to temporarily postpone board election to May due to COVID?  

***Result: All in favor

  • COVID – Open time to ask questions about COVID as it relates to denhac. 
    • Have we lost any members? Yes ~6
    • Is this impacting our potential move out date? Probably not. Still February 2021. More likely this will buy us more time. 
  • Bylaw Review Committee – Assemble a committee to review and update bylaws.


For information on our COVID-19 response, click here.