Board Minutes 2020-03-03

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 03-03-2020

5 of 7 board members in attendance.


Chair – Nothing to report.

Vice Chair – Nothing to report aside what’s already on the agenda.

Secretary – Nothing to report.


External Business Manager – Not in attendance. 

Internal Business Manager – Not in attendance. 

Treasurer – Not in attendance. Money is coming in. 


Website – Continues to work. Stable. Nothing weird happening to it. Need to renew subscriptions plugin. Colin to talk to Tilver or Lordspeed about renewing subscriptions plugin. 

Grendel – Still being worked on by Jeremy however he is not in attendance to give an update.

Workshops – Lee not in attendance. 

Vending Machine – Still technically works but it’s off because there is a critical bug. Will be back on by the next board meeting. 

Laser – Still having power issues. Laser won’t turn on or pulse. Considered non-functional currently. Ed will look at it this weekend. Ed will send an email to the list asking for laser help. 

Welding – Cheap face shields missing. First class coming this Sunday. Colin is doing a private first run of his curriculum. 

BOARD VOTE: $100 budget for Colin to buy more welding masks. ALL IN FAVOR. 

The Great Migration – Still looking for a new space. We have a Slack channel (SOS) for collaboration. Also includes a spreadsheet with finance/budget data. 


The Grill – It’s rusty and nasty. Hasn’t been used in a while. Probably over a year. We’re keeping the propane tank and throwing the rest away. 

Chem Cabinet – Cabinet is falling apart. Do we want to keep it? Get a new cabinet? Ditch the chemicals in it and the cabinet? Someone is going to go through the current inventory, decide what to keep or throw away, and reassess the size of cabinet needed for remaining chems. 

Lathe/Mill – It’s a good lathe and a very poor mill. Do we want to try to fix the mill or convert it back to just a lathe? It sounds like most people use it as a lathe and not a mill. Darrell will work on changing it back to a lathe when he has time. 

Waivers – People who signed up for membership via paper forms signed two papers: indemnity waiver and a membership agreement. People who have signed up for membership on the website have not signed any waivers or agreements. 

Lordspeed will reach out to the insurance company to find out our requirements concerning liability waivers. (Do all guests need to sign a waiver? Only members?)

Printer – Krav will look at the printer tonight. 

Disabled Membership Rate – Do we want to have a separate tier of membership for disabled members? The rates would mirror students and seniors. Need to get more information on potential additional accessibility requirements that may come from advertising special disabled member rates. Tabling discussion until next month.

Phone Booth – Need a space for people to take phone calls during work from denhac day. Sockwell to look into budget to build something from scratch. Many people also in favor of using Grendel as space to take calls as needed. Once in a good condition it would have somewhat comfortable seats and can be easily closed off/isolated from the rest of the space. 

Artemis – Budget to replace tablets already allocated. New tablets do not fit into the consoles. Current consoles are falling apart. What do we want to do with it? 

Photojournalist Facebook Message – Wants to come in to take pics and do interviews for a story about locksport. How do we feel about it? Justin is going to reply that we are not interested. 



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