Board Minutes 2020-02-04

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 02-04-2020


Chair – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing to report 

Secretary – Nothing to report


External Business Manager – Everything covered in other business later. 

Internal Business Manager – Nothing to report. 

Treasurer – 71 paying members for January. Still have 6 month reserves and a healthy buffer for the potential upcoming move. 


Website – Blue Commerce ‘Subscriptions’ WooCommerce renewal failed. 

Network – Still working. Added pihole. 

Grendel – Replacement parts received. Fighting to get old manifold off.

Workshops – Facebook page updated this month. Meetup updated. Started doing monthly voting and updates via members list. If you have a class you want to see or willing to teach a class reach out!

Vending Machine – IT VENDS! One item. Raspberry Pi 0 Ws. Only accepts $1 bills. End goal is to allow members to buy stuff online and swipe card on vending machine to vend the items you purchased online. 

Laser – It’s lasering. Basic guide to laser safety on the wiki. STILL DO NOT CUT PVC.

Welding – Class curriculum ready to go. 

3D Printing – Justin has delegated MMU upgrade stuff to other people to get it to work more better. Documentation being created. 

Managers – Digi has been replaced by Arturo. Matt replaced by Scott. Mary replaced by Tilver. 

BOARD VOTE – Appoint Tilver/John Hoopes to replace Mary as Treasurer.



Moving – No update to moving timeline. Scott asked OMF to send us updates if the timeline changes and so far, radio silence. City council could help us find some properties (potentially vacant city owned property) to rent. If you want to participate in the discussion on a search for our new location join the SOS (save our space) channel on Slack. 

ACH Processing – $200 one time fee paid to Stripe to allow us to accept ACH processing. 

BOARD VOTE – Pay the fee to accept ACH

2 in favor; 5 against

Membership Dues – Propose raising student membership from $25 to $30, individual membership from $50 to $60, and family membership from $75 to $90. Current members maintain their current rate as long as they maintain their current membership. Anyone who stops their membership and comes back or for new members, new rate will apply. Automatic payment discount would go away since there is no payment alternative now. 

Want to come up with an approximate budget for the new location before considering dues increase. 

Dirty Room Stool – Want to buy step stool for lathe. Will look into building platform with materials from the space.

Membership Storage – Need to be handled. Getting unruly. Hard to discern what belongs to current members and what is abandoned. QR or Bar code on storage box. Make sure rules clearly state that abandoned members boxes will be disposed of, absorbed, or repurposed.

Bylaws verbiage change – Change from him/her, his/hers or he/she to they/them/theirs. Justin will provide updated version of documentation and present to board for approval. 


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