Board Minutes 2019-11-05

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 11-05-19

All board members in attendance. 


Chair – Will be gone for 2 weeks.

Vice Chair – Nothing to report

Secretary – Also gone for 2 weeks


External Business Manager – We don’t have one.

Internal Business Manager – We need to talk about heat later. Everything else covered elsewhere in the agenda.

Treasurer – 10 new members last month. 71 paying members. All time high. Everything still looks good. Still have reserves to spend!


Website – Works well and people are signing up. People are getting migrated from paypal. Everything is moving along smoothly. 

Network – It works. We still have cameras that need to go up. Ubiquiti is being shady. Forced upgrade and they’re collecting the first 8 bytes of data from every device that connects. 

Grendel – Found a donor vehicle in Penrose and pulled all related parts so we can get it to pass emissions. Working on tracking down gaskets and vacuum tubing. Currently only board members are approved to move Grendel. Need to make policy and process for requesting relocation. 

Workshops – Lee not in attendance to discuss progress, success, etc. Meetup rolling out a $2 per event attendee fee paid to Meetup. We currently don’t have to pay that. Possibility we can opt out because we’re a 501c3. Potential we won’t have that option. Keeping an eye on it. 

Vending Machine – Rev2 of snack machine board in progress. Soda machine still working. 

Laser – Ed has the last part needed to finish the laser. Alignment will be completed this Saturday.

Welding – Curriculum/syllabus with continuing learning documentation for a class has been created! Approximately a half hour class. Can teach up to 3 people at a time. 

3D Printer – Good news: Successfully printed multiple items with the MMU upgrade on Prusa Orange. Only works reliably with Prusa filament. Will work with other filament but needs babysitting. We also have a Prusa Black that was donated. Coming online soon.

Lots of documentation written in wiki about Lulzbot Mini. 

Bad news: Lulzbot mini almost became a fire hazard. A cable got burnt out. Justin thinks he has everything needed to fix it. Bed probably needs replacing. ~$25. NBD. However, Prusa has a mini: 7x7x7 print bed. Single ecosystem (all Prusa printers). Lulzbot not a company anymore. 

Justin requesting $300 for Rasp Pis, filament, repairing the lulzbot.

BOARD VOTE: $300 for Justin to upgrade/repair/replenish 3D printing station.

***Unanimous all in favor***

Social Media: Recurring events set up. Justin broke some stuff. Bad Justin, no cookie. 

Managers – Still need replacements for Treasurer, Internal Business Manager, External Business Manager. Waiting on list of job duties for next treasurer. 


Heater – Suspicion natural gas to the building is turned off. Further investigation needed. 

Membership Cleanup – Colin and Justin going to go through various lists (card access, members distro, slack, etc) over the next few months to get rid of non-paying members. Demote non-members to guests in slack with single channel access. Change email distro groups. Etc. 

Membership Dues Related Stuff – Board not doing a great job of activating new members to start regular billing for membership. Justin and Colin working on documenting process so it doesn’t happen going forward. Will not charge people retroactively. 


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