Board Minutes 2019-10-01

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 10-01-19


Chair – Nothing to report.

Vice Chair – Nothing to report that isn’t already on the agenda. 

Secretary – Nothing to report


External Business Manager – We no longer have a Digi. RIP in pepperonis. 

Internal Business Manager – Not in attendance. 

Treasurer – Sept was a good month. 68 paying members. Maintain 6 month reserves. Budget is on track. 


Website – Getting better and better. Wiki working. Most of the data transferred from old wiki to new wiki. Need to renew domain. Colin wants to consider dropping Paypal as a payment option. Use Stripe instead. Hard stop to stop accepting Paypal. Then emails to prod people to switch over.  Wiki page for board members to document the instructions to sign up a new member. 

Network – Wifi didn’t break when updating this time. Network room getting a hole so the AC drains correctly. 

Grendel – No update. Interested parties seemed to have lost interest. Jeremy B. is going to take a look at Grendel and see if installing smog pump is something he can tackle. Will re-evaluate in 30 days.

Workshops and Events – Metalworking/machining/welding – Colin, Electronics – Darrell, CNC – Chris and Dennis, Cyber Security – No takers, Laser Cutting – Simon, Programming – Justin

Just need to set dates for workshops in October. Justin can assist with getting things onto social media/meetup, etc.

Tilver calling dibs on Oct 17th for his infosec classes.

Vending Machine – Lots of progress. Have tested 95% of functionality. Most hardware issues resolved. Another board revision to be sent to fab. Then should have a working thing. 

Laser – Ed needs someone to help him with some machining work to build a block with a couple sets of holes. Needs to be aluminum. Darrell will help. 

Welding – All supplies obtained for welding. Colin wants to start a class.

3D Printing – Justin working with a new prusa support rep. Has a new list of things to try at the recommendation of new support rep. If anyone has knowledge of 3D printers, please talk to Justin about testing these fixes. Lulzbot having some issues. We received another Prusa on  month lease. Sean/Lordspeed will follow up with Justin on 3D printer progress in 2 weeks. 

Oscilloscope – Ordered and on the way. 

Replacement Humans – Still need replacements for Digi (ext business manager) and Mary (treasurer). 


Electronics Budget – Temp controlled soldering iron, flush cutters, boards for aligning masks, better pliers, etc. About $250 to upgrade the electronics/soldering station.

BOARD VOTE: Spend $350 to upgrade electronics/soldering station. 

***Unanimous all in favor.***

Life Sciences – Member not in attendance. Tabled

Social Media – Marguerite is into social media. She will take over social media communications.

Dirty Room ++ – Welding drapes, workbench replacement, finishing off top of dirty room walls

  • Welding drapes for safety when welding in the garage area. ~$100
  • Soundproofing for top of dirty room walls. Mineral wool ~$100

BOARD VOTE: $200 for soundproofing and welding drapes- All in favor

***Unanimous all in favor.***

  • Workbench – Discussion tabled until next month. 

Paypal – Discussed earlier.

Equipment Loan Process – Tilver will be creating documentation and bring it to the next board meeting. 

Access Issues – If you have any sort of access issues, please email Ex: Slack, access card, emails, etc. 


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