Board Minutes 2019-12-03

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 12-03-19

All board members in attendance. 


Chair – Nothing to report. 

Vice Chair – Nothing to report.

Secretary – Nothing to report.


External Business Manager – We do not have one presently.

Internal Business Manager – Nothing to report. 

Treasurer – We had 74 paying members for November. Justin helping a lot with getting people onto Woo Commerce and off Paypal. 


Website – It’s still up. It’s getting better every day. System stable. 

Network – Working well. Creepy spy-on-you update seems to have been resolved. Can opt-out after firmware update. 

Grendel – Went to install all the stuff onto Grendel but was thwarted by frozen exhaust fasteners. Jeremy has returned for another attempt at conquering the dragon. 

Workshops – Lee couldn’t make it. Had electronics workshop and pen testing workshop. Pen test workshop had around 20 attendees. No December pen testing workshop; resuming January. We had a Thanksgiving dinner. Hooray! 

Vending Machine – Neither is working now! I think the working machine caught what the non-working machine had. Soda machine consultation suggested a fix which solves this specific issue 90% of the time. Didn’t fix issue. Krav will be calling back for another recommendation. The other vending machine: Justin finished routing the board. Darryl helped. Should have board done by January and everything assembled by February. 

Laser – Laser is reassembled but ran into a power issue. Justin solved that issue but there appears to be another power issue. Initial issue related to something not being plugged in all the was and emergency stop button switch being stuck down even though the button was not depressed. Also, a visitor who worked in a laser lab once upon a time helped get it aligned.

Welding – Geoff purchased more consumables. Colin still working towards first class in January. Curtains and mineral wool not yet purchased. Welding table – Not really a fire hazard unless someone tries to weld on it or weld something to it (which isn’t possible as it’s not metal). Dirty room is a multi-use room and not a dedicated welding room. We are open to purchasing a welding surface but the table is still useful in many other ways so it will stay. 

3D Printing – Work in progress. Lulzbot mini was down for a bit – working on it now. Should be up tonight or Saturday. The others are working. Got a part in for the MMU. Has not ordered filament yet. Justin will use some of his budget to order some more Ras Pi 3 or better. 

Social Media – Nobody here to talk about progress.

The Replacements – Still need replacements for Digi and Mary. Will be sending out job description for Treasurer soon. 

Heater – It doesn’t make heat. Possible pilot light issue. We do have gas to the building thus gas to the heater, probably. OMFs hot water heater was getting manually turned off, was not a gas issue. Lordspeed and Ed will look at it tonight. Contingency plan is that Scott will find someone to come fix it. 


Welding Table – Discussed earlier in old business. 

Documentation – Justin would like someone or someones to help make documentation for the Wiki. If you know how to do a thing, document it. If you are good at creating documentation someone can teach you how to do the thing and then you can document it. Inquire within! Colin or Justin can help with Wiki write access. 

Steamfest and Artemis – Do we want to go to SteamFest? If so, do we want to repair Artemis? Or SteamFest without Artemis? SteamFest is in March. Scott will send out an email to see if there is interest in denhac going and getting volunteers to man the booth. 

.org Registrar – It’s being bought by a for profit company and anticipated 10% increase per year. We should probably renew for as long as we can.

Donations – Non-member approached us about arranging donation of workshop equipment in a few years. We provided denhac contact information plus Scott provided his own contact information to assist.


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