Board Minutes 2018-07-03

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 7-3-18

All board members in attendance.


Chair – Nothing chairman-y to report

Vice Chair – Saving for old business

Secretary – Nothing to report


Treasurer – JUNE! 50 paying members. Shannon is still on vacation until next week.

External Business Manager – 6 month reserve target hit ahead of schedule. Open to requests for money for projects. Don’t forget to send Mary your receipts. If we need supplies, let us know. We have money for things.

Internal Business Manager – Welding stuff as soon as possible?


Website – Currently down. Scott is working on it.

Network – It’s still networking. Arturo setup pihole DNS. It blocks ads.

Grendel – WE HAVE A TITLE! We can register it or sell it or whatever it. What does everyone want to do?

Workshops – How’s it going? Tilver had 10 people at the last meeting. Arturo’s class attendance seems to be tapering off – one person showed up. Scott’s last class had 15 people at his class.

-Digi asks that they post the workshops to the mailing list.

Social Media – Justin needs a 3rd person to help with social media. Please contact him if you’re interested.

Vending Machine – Arturo, Justin and Tek – Waiting on power supply.

Welding Supplies – Re-allocate slice of budget from networking stuff and give it to welding supplies. Can’t predict how much it will cost to maintain that ‘station’. Cameras/Surveillance/Big Brother – Current cameras are potato quality. Choochoo wants budget for more cameras. How do members feel about cameras?

Recycling policy – Former member reached out and advised it was their primary pain point for leaving.

Events – Denver MakerFaire is Oct 13 and 14. Justin feels like we’re obligated to go. He wanted to make sure we’re on top of that. Rocky Mountain MakerSpace Summit – July 28.

10 Year Anniversary Party – Mary needs a specific date to book catering. Approx $300 for food.

Defcon – Reschedule August board meeting date.

Dirty Room – Lordspeed will send out a request for proposals for the dirty room.


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