Board Minutes 2018-08-21

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 8-21-18

All board members in attendance.


Chair – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing to report

Secretary – Nothing to report


Treasurer – July was good. 50 paid members. $398.62 surplus. 6 months in reserves set aside. If you member access card is not working, please reach out to Mary ASAP.

External Business – Master budget: 40-45% spent. Still around 55% of the allocated budget unspent.

Internal Business – The welding station is complete. Or at least people are using it. Registered for 10×20 space at Maker Faire. Not sure how many passes come with it. Maybe 8 since the 10×10 space comes with 4 passes?


Website – Still working. Not evolving. Any suggestions? If you have an idea for the website please reach out to Scott and/or Proton.

Network – Still running. Ubiquiti API still working. We’re stable. We have cameras and cables. Scott/Choochoo needs someone to help run cables and mount cameras. We also have an ~8TB storage device to store video.

Grendel – Need to go into the mountains to register it. Battery in Grendel is super dead. Arturo taking point on this project.

Weekly Workshops – Test period is over. Attendance for Tilver’s class (Pen Testing) was good. Arturo’s class (crypto currency) attendance went up and down. 3D printing class was dropped before end of test period. Scott’s class (SDR) attendance was good as well. MeetUp is effective and we should keep using it. Class/workshop notifications also need to go to the list.

Birthday Party – Friday, October 19th. Advertise it at Maker Faire. Budget: $500. Anyone know how to art? We need someone who can art to make fliers. Party will be in the space. Vending Machine – We have one. It doesn’t look very vend-y. Will it vend? No. Replacement power supply has been delivered. Needs to be installed.

Recycling – Recycling bin has been established. Someone supposed to be coming soon to re-establish membership and take the cans for recycling.

CRTs – 3 members volunteered to take one CRT display and take it to Staples for recycling. For free!


Artemis – Greco bought a Fire 7 for Artemis. Deal for Fire 10s until 10pm tonight: $100. Probably not a good plan. Back to the drawing board.

Maker Summit Debrief – Local makerspaces are trying to get together monthly to work together and build community. This coming Saturday around 2pm to 430pm at Gizmo Dojo. Greco encourages any/all board members to attend. Open to everyone.

Hot Air Rework Station – We had one but it’s gone now. It belonged to a member. Do we need one? What do we want to spend on one? Someone is donating one. Tabled for now.

Payment Policy – In the ‘How To’ document we have listed many different methods for valid payment. Want to update the list to only include PayPal and Cash

BOARD VOTE: Change all new membership sign-ups to only accept Cash or PayPal. If member who elects cash payment method fails to pay on time repeatedly, the cash payment privilege will be revoked. Result: 4 in favor. 1 opposed, 2 abstain Digi is going to update the How To docs and redistribute.

Weather Station – Denhac has a weather station on the roof now. It goes down more than… uh… other things do.

Door Project – Arturo tried stepper motors, tried changing power supply, next trying linear actuator. Digi will have a conversation with OMF about us implementing our own access card system. Will show them our new cameras and Splunk logging to show them we can provide accurate logs whenever needed if there is ever any concern/question.

Range Finder – Arturo wants to add range finder to vending machine to keep track of when machines are low. Integrate into Splunk.

Splunk – Arturo working with Digi and Mary on proposal to Splunk for non-profit license rather than the Dev license we’re using now. Electric Consumption Monitor – Arturo wants funds to build electric consumption monitor system for the space to keep track of the power usage in the space which could be helpful to know our liability if we ever need to move.

D3 – Denhac down range day. September 1st. Pawnee Grasslands. Be there.

Welding Supplies – Request for more welding supplies.

BOARD VOTE: Approve budget of up to $200 for gas for Mig welder. (C12) Result: All 7 in favor.

Legal Substance Consumption Policy – We want all members to think about this and have a long, thoughtful discussion at the next board meeting. There has been an increase in substance consumption on prem and negative space impact in recent past. Bring your thoughts on the matter to the next meeting and be prepared for a discussion.


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