Board Minutes 2018-05-01

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 5-1-18


Chair – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing that won’t be reported later

Secretary – Nothing to report


Treasurer – Still positive. 46 paid members last month. Access cards are mostly up-to-date and active. Members email list also mostly up-to-date.

External Business – Working on reconciling budget.

Internal Business – Getting caught up with what needs to happen and what needs attention. Just ordered some stuff.


Website – Site is coming along. Open to input on design.

Network – Scott wants to move all our infra down to here from OMF server room. Hasn’t done that yet. We have a switch, gateway, 5 key, century link termination device up there.

Grendel – Letter on denhac letterhead provided to tilver. All other forms filled out. Have to take forms and letter to the office.

3D Printer – It got messed up. Likely unsupervised print and hot end crashed into the print. Replacement $100 or less. Board vote: Replace broken 3D printer part? All were in favor

Dirty Room Update – Dana will do inventory. Lordspeed will send out another query to the members list to see what a majority of members want to see for direction of that room.

Weekly Workshops – Twitter creds obtained. Lordspeed will disseminate said credentials. Social media team needs descriptions for 2 of the 4 workshops (John/Tilver and Scott/Choochoo). First class coming up this week (SDR by Scott/Choochoo) Thursday. Need description sent to Justin N. to post on Meetup. Nobody signed up yet.

NOTE: SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM: JUSTIN N., ULYSSES (I spelled that wrong), MATT MARSHALL (Username is headspace on slack)

Uber Servers – They will be decomm’d Thursday. We will get them soon.

Social Media Update – Covered in other items.

IBM Classes – 12 people from IBM + Ed, Arturo, Mark. It was a cool class. Everyone had fun. Learned a lot. Jimmy (teacher) has an extra set of hardware and might come back to do the class for denhac-ers only some time after June.

Events – It’s on Greco’s radar. Deciding what to do or not do.

Hack Denhac Day – Great success. Thanks to Gwen and Tilver for helping Josh/Krav.

Leaky Pipe – If anyone sees the leaky pipe leaking again, let Digi know so he can inform OMF.


Vending Machine – Arturo and Justin searching for a vending machine, hopefully 100% gift/donation to the space.

WAX 3D Printer – It’s up for grabs if someone wants it or wants to scavenge parts out of it. If it’s still around at the next Hack Denhac Day, its getting moved to trash/discard/recycle status.

Chess Classes – Is instructor allowed to ask for mandatory donation from non-members? Decided that verbiage would be ”Donations are encouraged”.

Budget for CRTs – $25/monitor disposal fee. 5 monitors to dispose of. Board vote: Approve budget of up to $125 to get rid of CRTs? All were in favor.

Denhac – 10 years old this year. We should PARTY. October or November.


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