Board Minutes 2018-03-06

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 3-6-18


Chair – Will be covered in old or new business

Vice Chair – Will be covered in old or new business

Secretary – Nothing to report

Treasurer – Lost 5 people in February. 45 paying members. Call scheduled for Friday with Neon CRM. Membership list should be done by EOM.


External Business – If anyone has been waiting on Digi to do something and he hasn’t done it poke him again. He’s building his to-do list from scratch.

Internal Business –


Hack denhac day – It went well. Cleaned and moved things. Next one will do more tables. Thank you whoever came. A bunch of people came to help. Thanks to them!

Workshops – First person to provide a curriculum can pick their week.

3D printer –

Grendel – Sean will write the letter TONIGHT. PROMISE.

Laser – Laser task force (Proton, Ulysses, Jimmy) worked on the laser alllllll day during hack denhac to learn how to maintain the laser and get it working. Sean worked with Damon last night to finish up the last bit of work. Its ready for laser task force to align it and get it ready to use.

Network – In progress.

Website – Took down paypal links because it wasn’t clear that giving money did not automatically make someone a member. Will add extra dialog to make it clear or make people click an extra button.


Security Camera – The only ones we have are in use.

Hack Denhac Budget – Money allocated for HDH is usually consumed by ordering food for participants. Need money for consumable supplies.

BOARD VOTE: Increase HDH budget by 50% ($75) so it can cover food and supplies. Vote: All in favor.

Vending Machine – Vending machine to carry snacks and/or supplies (SD cards, raspi, cat5 or USB cable). Interest seems low because of cost to carry inventory and maintain a machine that’s likely more expensive.

Dumpster – Locking dumpster soon. We are getting a key. It’s going to be placed with our other key.

Radio – uh…..

Grant Writing – Grant writing is hard. We don’t have anyone available to write grants. If you know someone who wants to do that for us, let us know

Ops Manager – Matt Branyon/Dr. Awesome/Greco – Originally the first Vice Chair.

Heidi – Heidi is no longer social media/communication person.

Arturo – Ends on cables, switch. Get it done

Servers – Uber has servers. Do we want them? 24TB NAS.

Next board elections – Next month. Lordspeed will send out details.


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