Board Minutes 2018-02-06

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 2-6-18


Chair – Anything to discuss will be covered in other business

Vice Chair – Anything to discuss will be covered in old business

Secretary – Did not lose last months minutes. Hooray!

Treasurer – 49 people paid last month. Talked to Kathy re: CRM. Paperwork done. Next month is first month of CRM.


External Business – Digi isn’t here and didn’t provide anyone else with an update to give on his behalf.

Internal Business – Position is still vacant.


Website – Going to host on AWS for reliability. Keeping it simple. If someone wants to help with web design, please speak up. Website needs an art.

Network – Network still works. P2P traffic blocked.

Access Cards – No change. OMF is still slow to get us cards and won’t get us access to provision our own. >_<

Grendel – Tilver waiting on letter from Digi or Lordspeed.

Artemis – We still own it. Needs work.

Laser – *audible groan from lordspeed* tl;dr Tube never left Shanghai for two weeks and then was sent back sender. Sender is sending it again and we’re getting a discount. Lordspeed will need to write a check to denhac for the difference. Lense, chiller, and power supply are here.

3D Printer Access – raspi camera obtained. Needs to be installed. Server rack has been cleaned to make room for a monitor.

TV – Member had a lead on a TV but didn’t get budget approval on time. Back to the drawing board. Weekly Workshops – Finish details this week. Advertise for the next 3 weeks. Start the first of March.

LinuxCNC Classes – The person who wants to teach the class didn’t come to the board meeting. No new details.

Hack denhac day – It happened. All the floors got mopped and it was gross. We have a donation table by the door. Things that have been left behind have been gathered.


Signage, Cleaning, Housekeeping – During hack denhac day found that there’s a tendency for people to pile things on flat surfaces. We’re going to put up signs reminding people to clean up after themselves.

Update Dirty Room – The dirty room is getting to be a hot mess. It needs better organization and maybe a reduction in tools. Lordspeed is going to send an email to the membership to see what they want out of the dirty room and try to make it functional for the most members possible.

Event Coordination – We need a person or people to be the point(s) of contact for the outreach items/fairs i.e. maker faire, steamfest, sparks and spirits, etc. Lordspeed will send an email to the list to see if anyone wants to take point.

People Showing the Building – There have been people coming through and showing the building like it’s up for rent/lease/sale. Lordspeed will reach out to Tony to try and get more information. Someone else asked why the building was being shown and was given a vague answer. We may be looking for a new space. Keep your eyes peeled. Send suggestions for new location to the list.

Removed Members Coming Back – No change in policy at this time. We’re not going to create a path for someone to come back. People who have been removed could potentially approach the board via email to make a case for coming back if they wanted to. They are not prohibited from contacting us. Allowing people to come back after known acts of violence could potentially open us up to liability if the person were to become violent again.


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