Board Minutes 2018-01-09

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 1-9-18


Chair – Digi is back! Yay!

Vice Chair – Working on obtaining Grendel title.

Secretary – Lost last months meeting minutes. Sorry. 🙁

Treasurer – Small drop in membership but gained two members.


External Business – DIGI IS BACK. Manager meetings will resume Thursdays at the same time.

Internal Business – Position is still vacant.


Website – Broken. Fubar. It’s breaking other things. CRM solution will likely take over hosting of membership data and payment info. Move the rest to WordPress maybe? Some other option? Open to ideas.

Choochoo has 1 week to find out what it would take to move from Digital Ocean and to another solution and pricing for that new solution. Proton will be our new web guy. Choochoo to work with Proton and making website more better.

Network – We have Ubiquiti networking gear now! Hooray! It can do packet analysis and can block p2p. Hopefully help mitigate unwanted torrenting and make CenturyLink happy.

Access Control – Tilver worked with Mary to go over list of active members. OMF has alluded to giving us access to the badging system again if we can prove we are managing our members list correctly. If you haven’t responded to Mary’s email asking for info, your access card MAY NOT WORK SOON.

Grendel – Tilver looking into getting title. Once we know if a title can be obtained Sean will look into the feasibility/cost of getting it fixed. Then potentially getting it registered to be let loose on the streets of Denver.

Artemis – It needs to be rebuilt. It fell off of the shelves behind Grendel. Gizmo Dojo asked us about bringing Artemis to an event for monies. Perhaps trade Artemis use for assistance in fixing the laser. Justin contacting Tom at Gizmo Dojo about trading services. Will report back next week.

Tables – Krav built a new table and fixed some failing legs on other tables.

Access Cards – Details covered in Access Control item. See above.

LAZ0RZ – The laser is borked. Tube and power supply are ruined. We have a lead on someone from another hackerspace who might be able to fix it. See Artemis notes. Jimmy and Proton are going to be the new lazer team. – lazer contact distro list Budget – We two options for cost to fix. $300 – restore us back to where we were before. $1500 – upgraded power supply that has a failsafe, more powerful, and longer life span. VOTE: Proceed with Damon’s suggestion to upgrade laser: All in favor. ($1500)

Century Link – Old account that Matt S. opened in our name still exists, it was merged with our current account, and the old balance was carried forward and put on hold. Then there was a monetary adjustment to our account that approximately matches the amount carried forward from the old account. Digi is going to do some final reconciliation but is seems to be resolved. HOORAY!

Radio Station – There is a group that has approached us about taking our frequency in trade for their frequency, an HD frequency, and money. More details to follow.


LinuxCNC – Marcel Grenier. He is not in attendance to discuss his idea. Moving on.

Secure Storage – Krav, since he has taken on hack denhac day and some internal business, would like some secure storage for denhac supplies. Perhaps an allocated cabinet in the cabinets next to grendel. Will provide budget if more is needed. Otherwise free to allocate some storage space for denhac supplies.

Hack Denhac Day – Things are happening! Josh is awesome for taking point on this and keeping it going. Unclaimed items from around the space and/or unlabelled things from storage are going to get purged SOON. Label your stuff! LABEL YOUR STUFF! Or come get your stuff. Notifications to be sent out to membership.

Tool Control – Sockwell wants to talk about tool control but got drunk on cough syrup. Will discuss next time. T.V. – A member could donate a TV or we could approach electronics retailers about asking for donations for nonprofits.

NeonCRM – Member management program we were looking at using. With website piece its $90/month. If we have it do just what we need it to do it’s $50/month. VOTE: Purchasing the $50/month option that does just what we need: All in favor.

3D Printer Access – Justin just needs an R Pi camera, some brackets that can be printed, and ChooChoo to add it to the network. Greenlight. Camera is approx $25, no need for board vote. Submit for reimbursement later.

Donation Tablespace – No need for board review/approval. Krav is going to do the thing and submit for reimbursement if any costs are incurred.

We’re Hiring – We are in need of an Operations Manager, Classes Coordinator and Donations Manager. Donations could also be handled/reviewed/purged/refined/whatever on Hack Denhac Day.

Password Manager – Due to time crunch Digi went ahead and renewed the LastPass acct @ $170/year. VOTE: Reimburse Digi for paying for LastPass – All in favor. Objective: Find a new password manager that’s better and/or cheaper. Preferably both.

Cryptocurrency Mining in the Space – Cost would be approximately $60/month electricity. The space would control the wallet. The member would get back a portion of the earnings to reimburse cost of rig. The space would get some of the earnings. Could tie in to once monthly classes on cryptocurrency mining. VOTE: To allow cryptocurrency mining rig to be stored in the space with the conditions above: All in favor.


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