Board Minutes 2017-05-02

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 5-2-17


Chair – Resignation on the board. Proceeding to the next board meeting as a board of 6. Moe has stepped down.

Vice Chair – Vice has happened in the space.

Secretary – Nothing to report.

Treasurer – Slowed down on taking in new members. 46 total paid members for April. Thank you to everyone pushing people to paypal. Net positive $356.60 for month of April. Nothing major purchsed from the budget voted on last month.

Internal Affairs – Skip – covered in new or old business

External Affairs – Skip – covered in new or old business


Classes – Still doing laser classes, just dont get to make things.

Website – We still have a website. Scott is connecting it to LDAP.

Steam Fest – 4600 attendees; Artemis; Top 5 or top 3 events we’ve ever done.

Denhac has been asked to introduce/interview Cory Doctorow a week from today. If youre interested in interviewing him, contact Robb. ASAP.

5/20 – Sparks and Spirits – 4 – 5 hr event. Looking for volunteers to work that event.

Network – We have internet again. Thanks Digi!

CNC – Issue reported last month was just a loose ground. Stepper motor not dead. Will not cut for an extended period of time. Spindle driver decides its overheating when its not and stops. It is usable again if you sit and watch it. Do not leave it unattended. No more money needed.

Lathe – It works. Tek fixed it. Use at your own risk.

Member Storage – Trying to find the right bins still.

Dirty Room – Make it less annoying and less contaminating to the rest of the space. Maybe $150 in drywall to isolate it.

Laser – Needs a piece. Replaced the tube, still doesnt work. Needs power supply now. About $150.

Vote: Spend $150 to replace laser power supply – All in favor.

Point Gallery – Phil will get the guy Digi’s contact info.


Reminders – More clearly posting/reminding the memebers where they are and are not entitled to be in the building (outside of the denhac space). We can be in the bathroom, kitchen, and the lounge by the kitchen.

Security – At hack denhac day this month some cameras will be going up.

Board Vacancy – Addressed in officer report.

Discipline Policy – Want to have a policy where managers can, at their discretion, suspend a member for misconduct until the next board meeting.

Below is a temporary policy we are voting on to be in place until the the next board meeting where a comprehensive policy can be written, reviewed and voted on.

Until June 6th, 2017 the Internal and External managers are given the authority to suspend membership to defend against immediate threats to the safety or security of denhac as an organization and/or its members. The following conditions as stated must be observed – – Suspensions must be reported to the Board by the witnessing manager within 24 hours. – The Board must move to address the situation within 48 hours of when notification is sent. – Suspensions may only last until the next scheduled board meeting.

Board vote: All board members in favor.

Phils Tools – Phil’s tools are not covered by denhac insurance.

Friday – This Friday is first friday and we are fighting some robots. Its also Cinco de Mayo. Be here at 7 if you are going to be participating in robot fighting.


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