Board Minutes 2017-04-04

Denhac Board Meeting 04-04-2017


Chair – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing to report

Secretary – Nothing to report


Internal Business Manager: 28 – 30 of April STEAM Fest/Boulder Maker Faire. Need volunteers. Talk to Robb.

5th of May – First Friday. First robot fighting night. Karen wants to bring tshirt printing rig and pring shirts that night.

March for Science is April 22 in Denver – From ??? to Civic Center Park. We’re not officially participating. If anyone wants to go, talk to Robb. Can meet at denhac and go together.

External Business Manager – Whole building internet is out. We know. Not us, not OMF.

Treasurer – Insurance check has been deposited. Membership went down a little from Feb to March. Approx 53 members. Board members/Managers MUST SIGN new member docs!!!!! New forms have checklists now. FOLLOW THE CHECKLIST! We do have prox cards for new members now! Be sure to set expectation that it can be up to 3 weeks for new prox cards to be activated.


  • Classes – Nothing new. Laser classes still happening. One person at last laser class. 3D printing class tonight.

Change Costume class to Costume Workshop.

  • Website – Website is website. Behind the scenes things are happening.

Will be connected to Free IPA in the next couple weeks.

Running TLS 1.2 and has valid cert.

We are super secure. Huzzah!

  • Networking – THE SYSTEM IS DOWN. I mean… Everything is super secure.
  • CNC – Caleb worked on it some more. We have a new computer. Hooray! The end stops are there. Hooray! Another stepper motor died. 🙁
  • Lathe – Lathe successfully used as a mill. If you want to know how to do that, see Caleb aka two/too/to/teux.

Lathe cert class is the works?

  • Member Storage – Some storage bins tested and they did not work. Not in a place to start cleaning/throwing stuff away… YET!
  • Phase 1 budget – None of it has actually been spent. $1500 allocated for reserves as previously discussed.
  • Hackathon – Was previously mentioned at one point. Propose your ideas. After a period of time we will vote for the winning projecct and assign monies to the winning group to build/make the thing they proposed.


VOTE – Grant board members, ops manager, business manager, and treasurer authority to sign membership documents on behalf of denhac? Yes or No.

Unanimous in favor.

  • Point Gallery – Do we want to swap memberships with them? Yes, we are interested. Need more details.
  • Dirty Room – Two issues: 1. Air quality is going down now that it’s actually being used for dirty things. 2. Schedule time to do noisy things or mitigating noise.

Need to talk to OMF about what we can/cant do to mitigate noise and dust/particles. Give us your ideas to make it better.

  • Education/Outreach Officer Position – After discussion we will not at this time be making a new manager position. Mo will work with Internal/External managers specifically on classes and educational outreach.
  • Grendel – Worlds largest pi case? Idea for Grendel: Put in a lot of laptop monitors and r-pis to make a mobile gaming station.

What is its status? – Still trying to figure out who had it registered last

OMF Classes – Covered a little in outreach.

Digi’s list of misc things to add:

  • Suspended Grendel insurance since it isnt being driven. Just FYI.
  • Day rates for space – Are we interested in offering day rates?

Two primary topics re: Day rates: 1. Do we want to limit equipment usage to members or those under the supervision of members/instructors? 2. If we want to offer day rates: What is the cost? What is the policy?

More discussions needed. Internal/External managers will discuss more and being some ideas to the next meeting.

  • LPFM: Do you want to be a part of the community aspect of LPFM? Finding musicians, making content, etc. Talk to Digi.
  • Budget, in two parts:

New Recurring Budget Item: Add $50 to recurring monthly budget for food for hack denhac day.

BOARD VOTE: All in favor of $50/month for food for hack denhac day.

One time request: $5180 1. Pile of Hard drives and some member reimbursement for network recovery expenses. (1730) 2. Space maint and upkeep (1400) 3. Space Upgrades (1350) 4. Misc (700)

Vote: 6 of 7 in favor of the current budget as proposed.


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