Board Minutes 2017-06-06

Denhac Board Meeting 6-6-17

All members are in attendance OFFICER REPORTS Chair – Phil has moved out. Nobody died or lost any appendages. Mo has not been moved out yet.

Vice Chair – Nothing to report.

Secretary – Nothing to report

Treasurer – We paid bills! 2 new members, lost 3 members. MANAGER REPORTS External Business Manager – So far, $100 under budget on spending from proposed budget. Not even close to all of it has been spent.

Internal Business Manager – Sparks and Spirits: They gave us a theater to set up Artemis. It was awesome. Rubens tube was popular as well. Hack Denhac Day: 6/24, member storage will be cleaned up. Cameras will be going up. We have a wiki! OLD BUSINESS Classes: No progress. We need someone to take over classes.

Website: RadioShak/Tony was in charge of website and media content but he is out of town. Will need to assign backups.

Network: Digi, Eric and Scott are the current Network team. They’re having a team meeting every Tuesday now.

CNC: Not broken. Configuration needed. Spindle controller. ??? Not sure what’s wrong with it.

Lathe: Working! Need to build a class for it to certify people on it.

Member Storage: Bins have been selected. Jun 24 is going to be member storage clean-up day. Emails will be going out soon. Anything in a delapidated box/unsafe box will be put in a nice bin. Anything unlabeled will be absorbed into denhac supplies. Any members no longer attending/paying will be contacted about abandoned property. LOST AND FOUND POLICY WILL BE ENFORCED.

Dirty Room: Want to isolate dirty room noise. Enclose dirty room via drywall.

BOARD VOTE: Allocate $200 of budget to enclose dirty room with drywall. All 6 board members voted in favor.

Laser: Request for different chiller. Digi is investigating.

NEW BUSINESS Board Vacancy: Announce intent to nominate new board member tonight. Will vote on new board member next Tuesday night.

Participation After Termination: Can terminated/suspended members still participate? Consensus is no, if you are suspended or terminated you cannot participate in any denhac events. If suspended, you cannot participate in any events until your suspension is fulfilled. If you are terminated you are banned.

Policy Updates: Denhac Bylaws: Board Vote: Do we want to adopt the denhac bylaws as provided and updated by digi? All 6 board members voted in favor. Denhac Policies Board Vote: Do we want to adopt the denhac policies as provided and updated by digi? All 6 board members voted in favor.

If you think the “denahc how-to” is missing anything, please reach out to Digi.

Board Vacancy Nominations – Already discussed. See above.

Groups Policy (Eric): Idea for this because Network progress has been going well. How to impleent that for other projects.

CenturyLink: Backstory TL;DR: A previous member of denhac worked with CenturyLink to have a gig fiber line run to the building. This member signed the contract for service at a price of $750/month with the intent to resell the service to entities along the art district. This person signed the contract under denhacs name despite not having any signing authority and being advised directly by the board not to put the service in denhacs name. This contract was later “transferred” to a company called Cardea and it sounds like it was (or was supposed to be) transferred to another company. In April 2017 the connection was disconnected.

Turns out the service was disconnected for non-payment. The account is currently about $9,000 behind and CenturyLink is coming to us for payment since it is still in our name somehow. >_<

Digi put together all of the documentation he could find from board meeting minutes, emails, etc showing that denhac never approved this and explicitly stated we did not want to connection in our name and provided that to a contact at CenturyLink.


Digi requests $500 be reserved from the budget for possible future fees for legal counsel.

BOARD VOTE: Reserve $500 from the budget for possible future fees for legal counsel. All 6 board members voted in favor.


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