Board Minutes 2016-12-06

Denhac Board Meeting


Chair – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing to report

Secretary – Nothing to report

Internal Manager Report – Dirty room is clean. Thanks Phil! Bunch of classes postponed to next month: tshirts, robots, leatherworking, photography, cosplay, laser, 3D printing…

External Manager Report – May be switching wifi config from managed by ‘the ISP’ to managed by us.

We are locked out of prox card system. Need to get access back. Is in everyones best interest.

About to purge next sert of inactive members. Digi to send lordspeed list of users to be purged.

Treasurer – TBC, treasurer(s) were out of town. Still computing.


LPFM – Bug fixes.

Grendel – Next step likely to go to Matts house to get paperwork for Grendel. Not responsive to other forms of communication.

Policy for Minors – Tabled for now.

Floor – Dirty room floor is done and looking good.;)

CNC Update – It runs! Small problem with end stops. It will go. You can use it if youre willing to take responsibility for the parts you break. Caleb will show you how. You have to watch it the whole time. Will soon be upgrading where it will be much harder to break.


Safety – No longer Safety 3rd. Now…Safety 2nd? Safety inspection this weekend. Maybe get insurance or some other inspector to come in and do a fire inspection?

Missing Spray Paint – Paint Found. Non-issue.

Another inop 3D printer – 10x8x8. Gets power. Past that…?

Nation of Makers – 2 of the 3 people we voted for the board, made it on the board. Hooray!

Stuff LS forgot? – Nothing mentioned.

Regular meeting adjourned.

Executive session.

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