Board Minutes 2016-11-01

Denhac board meeting 11-1-16

Officer reports

Chair – Voting is tonight!

Vice Chair – MIA RIP

Ssecretary – Nothing to report

Treasurer – No numbers to report

Manager Reports

Director of Internal Affairs – Thank you to everyone who came out for hack denhac day. Thank you to Phil for organizing and re-doing the whole space. Soda machine is fixed. Again. If you have any problems, advise Robb. Classes are coming online soon. Every other Thursday starting in Jan, cosplay classes. Rebooting robot classes. Saturday sewing class before the end of the year. Karen made two denhac shirts. She’s going to do a class on t-shirt making. Tandy leather is going to teach a leatherworking class. Laser cutter and 3D printer classes in the works. Potential for field trip this weekend (museums). Active email thread discussing it. Network status: Eric is working on the website. Holidays: do we want to start classes now or wait throught the holidays? Gizmo Dojo got keys to their new place. Nation of makers about to launch on 15th of Nov, wants people to write letters. First Friday is this Friday. Be there. Radio station wants to live broadcast from here.

Director of External Affairs – Radio station will become less of a focus. Did a presentation at turing school of software and design. They are going to design a front end for the station. Public can upload music/content to get into rotation.


LPFM Update. Covered in External Affairs

Denhac downrange day (D3) – It was a success. Want to do quarterly. Last location was hard to access. Nobody died or even got shot.

Grendel – Attempts to contact who we think has grendel paperwork have been not been responded to.

CNC – Is it working? No. How much to fix it? $210 Vote: assuming we have the funds to buy this product, do we want to? Unanimous yes of board members in attendance.

Policy for minor members/guests – Tabled still. Need more data!

Infrastructure – If youre interested in working on the network see Robb after the voting.


Hack the Floor – Phil – Waiting on OMF to give the final OK.

Promote denhac via free membership – Concerns about how to disable the access after the promotional period and the person doesn’t continue membership. Also we were previously not in a position to take money from the bottom line. Use to have to ask members for extra money for large bills. We are coming to a place where this is becoming a possibility.

Lost and found – Stuff in lost and found at the end of the month (during hack denhac) gets thrown away or absorbed. Please check the lost and found all the time!

DOM is having their membership meeting on the 16th. Denhac has an organizaton membership. If you want to go, get in contact with Digi.

Executive session.

In executive session board voted to ban member Mackenzie/Cowow indefinitely. Decision was unanimous among board members in attendance.

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