Board Minutes 2016-10-04

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes


Chair – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing to report

Secretary – Nothing to report

Treasurer – We have money! Yay! Increasing 3 – 4 members per month for the last few months. Have lost a few members too. Net positive. Internet and rent will be one bill soon. New signs on the other side of the coke machine. No more opening the soda machine!!!! So we can keep track of monies.

Internal Business Managerf – Things are running well. This weekend is NoCo. Need people to volunteer and arrange transportation for equipment to and from event. Load in is 4pm Friday Load out is Sunday at 5pm. Possible Denhac, LPFM, OMF collaboration for a Halloween event: War of the Worlds broadcast over air. 2 weeks after NoCo – Saturday meeting to go over fundraiser ideas and grant stuff.

External Business Manager – Internet bill – potentially owe 3 months of internet. Digi doing some tabulations and will get back to us if something is really different than expected. ISP is in process of reworking network. OMF is working on a support contract. Has anyone moved any switches or gear from server room upstairs?


LPFM – Radio station has interns. Radio approver class just happened. Class coming up is programming class. Denhac has 4 slots for members to take classes.

Website – Dev site is up. Have many interested parties working on site. Should be really good by NoCo.

D3 – Denhac Downrange Day10/15/16. Two parts of day: 1st half of day – experienced shooters; 2nd half of day – n00bs and experienced shooters will teach the n00bs. BYOA (bring your own ammo). Will send out list of ammo to purchase.

Grendel – cannot keep its fluids to itself. 🙁

Infrastructure – Robert has switches; they need to be config.

CNC – Caleb killed VFD (variable frequency drive). Bad Caleb. No plan for replacement at this time. New computer is working. Cost to replace: ??? Short term plan: fix old one. Long term plan: replace with better one. Caleb also broke Z drive. Need approval to buy some parts (about $100).

MeetUp WePay – Need to meet with Mark about what it is and how to manage money flowing through it.Laz0rz – Rob has a lazor. Its set up in the space and usable. It has been used. Does denhac want to buy it. Rob spent ~$1200. We have money is reserves to buy it. Damon recommends some upgrades that are reasonable/doable. Finance peeps approve the purchase (outright). Put to board vote: all in favor of purchasing lazor. YAY WE HAVE A LAZOR AGAIN.

Borg – Its ownership is not disputed. Item resolved.

Policy for minors as members – Revisit next meeting. More stuff to review.


3D printing – We have 3 printers. Do we want to take the three piles of printer things plus some monies ($200), and trade it for a lulzbot mini? Person making this offer is going to refurb the three piles of printer and sell them. If he can sell them and recoup the $200, we don’t have the pay. All who are in the know think it is a good idea. We have the funds to make this happen. Person wanting the monies doesnt want the monies until after they sell the refurb printers. Put to board vote: Allin favor of trade + $.

Free software – Member suggested some free softward but we have to be a registered FabLab. Caleb suggested which is free always for all people.

Times of events – Robb suggests standardizing the times that events start to 7pm and changing the day of the week of the board meeting.

Board vote on changing the date of the week of the board meeting: In favor of changing board meeting day of the week: 3 Opposed to changing board meeting day of the week: 4

Rob suggested changing date of open house. Nobody seconded the motion.

Changing/standardizing the times that events start to 7pm: In favor of changing all events to 7pm: 3 All in favor of leaving the schedule as it is now: 4

We still need to make sure all events are the same across meetup, google calendar, etc.

Phil wants to hack the floor. Does the board oppose? Gray epoxy. Waiting on written approval from OMF to change floors before giving greenlight.

Executive session.

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