Board Minutes 2016-09-06

9-6-16 Denhac Meeting Minutes

Officer Reports

Chair – Nothing

Vice Chair – 2nd to last meeting before he goes away. Still hammering out details for denhac mega room at defcon

Secretary – Nothing to report.

Treasurer – Finally receied July’s Bellco statement. All monies up to 8/31 are cataloged.

Official swear in for new treasurer happens Friday.

Dir. of Internal Affairs –

Classes – Rob would like help with getting classes lined up/scheduled.

Tandy Leather – Wants to know if they can do classes here. We would get discount. Classes would be free.

Rob wants to see if we can put together station captains. Each perosn responsible for stocking, training, generally responsible for a station.

NoCo is a month from this weekend. Anyone interested in helping. We can do more flashy/explody things. Rubens tube is going. Artemis is going.

Went to Washington for meeting for makers. Inititive by the white house.

Dir of External Affairs –

Radio stuffs! Garble garble garble??? Digi is on speaker phone. Pfsense? Need a replacement for Matt and Scott because they configured it.

Internet update – Giant misunderstanding on OMFs side.

Sean and Mary need to get a check to OMF for internet. tl ; dr – its a mess


Classes covered by rob in internal business

Website – prototype on spiderpig. Udu? ERP package. ETA – Would like to have site up before NoCo (In one month).

3D printing – we have one working. offer out to trade 3 janky printers for 1 not janky printer. board voted and unanimous for trade.

Hack denhac day – it was a great success. Will have a class on ZFS file systems.


Grendel – going to be registered in another county. looking for documents. halp!

Infrastructure – website is offsite now. we dont have much else going on. had a drive failure. some work on LDAP? next step is to get layer 2 and 3 stuff set up. dns server wasnt dns-ing very well.

Intel Gretest Makers TV Show – deadline to apply is 19th of sept. LS going to put out an email to the membership.


Donation of cisco equipment – We dont know anything about it. We need documents showing the tranition of the equipment to denhac and maybe a donation letter showing it was given to use or it will go away to the internet people

Laser – Rob is going to buy a “janky k40 chinese laser cutter 50w 12×20”. Offer to denhac: if the space is interested rob will be willing to sell it to the space or rent it to the space or the space doesnt take/use it at all. terms noegtiable. rob to send out details about the laser itself and details on terms of using/buying/renting laz0rz.

Standardiziing the schedule – perhaps moving board meeting to wednesday nights. need to get google calendar, website and meetup to match.

CNC – need more parts.

Meetup/WePay – Mark and Mary need to connect and talk about WePay account.

Minor Members/Guests – What does the board want in regards to minor guests/minor members?

Denhac down range day – next 2 to 3 weeks. Probably pawnee (sp?) grass lands. more details coming. will put together shopping lists for people who dont have firearms/ammo. day would be split into two pieces. experienced people in the morning, break, experienced people will become ‘range marshalls’ to teach noobs. possibly some archery too! gustav?

Stuff sean forgot or you forgot to mention.

Badge system – Justin – we have 4 card readers – want to integrate to LDAP.


Soda machine – members are jonesing.

Drill press- peaches donated another drill press.

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