Woodworking SIG


Charter approved by the Board on Nov 14, 2023

Woodworking Special Interest Group

The DENHAC Woodworking Special Interest Group (SIG) is responsible for maintenance and good working order of the woodworking area of DENHAC. This group will focus on the upkeep of the tools and consumables, training, planning events, planning future expenditures, and budget of shop area. The group will respond to requests from DENHAC members for futureneeds and will send recommendations to the board.

In scope:

Tracking Budget
Capital investments / expenditures
Tools and equipment – keeping maintenance schedule / inventory

Maintaining the documentation on the Wikipedia Maintaining Consumables – Glue, Tape
Wood storage Area

Air Compressor – Air Lines
Dust collection system
Training / Trainers – List
General cleaning / care
Reporting any continuing issues to the board (unsafe members, tools,

concerns etc) Woodshop Layout

Out of scope:

Automotive Bay

Forge foundry

Data cables
Other building infrastructure not listed
CNC Router
Hackable screws / stuff
Metal Storage Area
Disciplinary actions are on the board to enforce

Two – co-chairs will lead the SIG. Disagreements will be elevated to the board. Position of Trust:

Trainers are responsible for training on equipment and in some cases maintenance. Trainers are also responsible for training other trainers

Organizational Management

– Meetings are schedule for 4th Tuesday of the month 6:30 pm unless otherwise specified by the co-chairs

  • –  A woodshop-SIG slack will be used to communicate among SIG member
  • –  Membership will be all trainers, maintainers and other volunteers
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