The Printinator – Brother MFC-L8900CDW



Name: The Printinator
Location: Fishbowl
Status: Operational
Training: Not Required
Slack Channel: No Dedicated Slack Channel
Owner: denhac
Network Location:

“You see Perry the platypus the other day I went to buy a printer at the Best Buy because my old printer had died and the lady at the Best Buy in the blue shirt told me to buy the HP printer cuz they were the best printer and the all the printers they sold were the HP printers. So, I took home the printer and then I needed to install an app to use the printer and then I needed an account to use the app to install the printer and then I had to connect my printer through the internet and then my printer wanted to send me ink. So, I said sure that sounds convenient and then it would not send the ink and then when it stopped working for my payments my printer stopped working so I got very upset. So, I invented the Printinator. You see this is a printer that is not connected to anything except for your local network and all it does is print and there is no subscription. It just prints, see? This will change everything. Also, it destroys all HP printers in the TRI-STATE AREA!”

Dr. Doofenshmirtz



<UHHHHHHHH, CTL+P, Select Printer, Print>

Shutdown & Cleanup

Click the Power Button to turn off and on.




Paper, Cardstock, Labels (Laser Safe) can all be used on this machine.

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NameThe Printinator
Year Released2024
Serial No.U64646D3F1310353
SoftwareBrother iPrint&Scan


  • Acquired new in February 2024
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