Wood Working Area

Overview We’ve made considerable progress building out community woodshop. Now equipped with all tools needed to complete most hobbyist level projects! Found this page from the internet and are interested in denhac? You can read up on our website but we highly recommend coming to one of our open house nights. Take a tour, learn […]

Metal Working Area

Overview The room formerly known as the Dirty Room. Now just the metal shop. MIG, TIG, and stick welding equipment resides here. Associated safety equipment, such as auto-darkening hoods, coats, and gloves can be found here too. Bench grinders, hand grinders, and saws specific to metalwork live here. There is a garage door in this […]

Laser Cutting Area

See main wiki page instead: https://denhac.org/wiki/laser-cutter-ultra-secret

Bicycles & Auto / Garage

Overview This space can be found in the south-east corner of the building. It is designated as a mechanics area focusing on bicycles and automotive work. Large items for projects can be stored here. Equipment Projects

Electronics Room

Electronics Room

Overview The Electronics Room is dedicated to member projects involving electronics. This space features multiple “clean table” stations for soldering, tools for electronic work, and electronic components available for member projects. Available Equipment Hakko Soldering Station Metcal MX Solder Station Hakko FA-430 Fume Extractor Rigol MSO5074 Oscilloscope HP6253A Power Supply Keithley 2000 Digital Multimeter Hackable […]