Software at denhac


denhac pays for an assortment of software suites for members to use on the work stations in the space. Computers like the Design and Textile Computers in the Fishbowl, 3d Printer Room, and Laser cutters have helpful paid tools for making stuff at denhac.

Fusion 360 – Good design software for 3d printing, laser cutting, and CNC milling.

Affinity Tools – Replacement for Adobe software suite,

  1. Designer – Illustrator replacement
  2. Photo – Photoshop replacement
  3. Publisher – InDesign replacement

Hatch Embroidery – Embroidery CAD/CAM

Sure Cuts A Lot – Vinyl cutting.

V-Carve Pro – CNC tool path planner.

If you ever need help accessing any of these software, ask about them in #infrastructure on Slack.

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