Metal Melting Furnace and Foundry Equipment


(WIP) This page is under construction – we are still ironing out best practices and safety requirements.

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GROUND RULES (Updated 2024-05-14)

  • You must attend at least one training session and get certified by an instructor before using the any of the casting equipment unsupervised.
  • Proper safety equipment must be worn at all times while using or attending the melting furnace, including:
    • Safety glasses or equivalent eye protection;
    • Welding gloves or equivalent – We have dedicated gloves in the foundry area. DO NOT use the gloves from the welding shop, as the welding community has voiced that we are imparting an unpleasant smell to their gloves.;
    • Long pants made from 100% natural materials – denim, cotton, canvas, etc.;
    • A shirt made from 100% natural materials (long sleeves preferred but not mandatory); and
    • Close-toed shoes made completely from leather (preferred), canvas, or other natural material.
  • Never wear any article of clothing around the furnace that is not made from 100% organic materials – zero synthetic fibers allowed! Synthetic fabrics respond differently to heat and flame than natural fabrics do, and can cause horrific burns and other injuries.
  • Once the furnace has been lit, it must never be left unattended until it is completely cool and empty! The same is true for any piece of foundry equipment and for any metal that has been poured or cast.
    • If you’re using the furnace alone and need to use the bathroom, make sure that there is another person actively attending to the furnace while you are gone.
    • The person watching the furnace in your absence is responsible for keeping other people from coming within 2 meters (6 feet) of the foundry area and for calling for help if an accident or fire appears to be beginning – communicate these responsibilities to them before you go to the bathroom.
    • Note that anyone attending to the furnace who isn’t wearing a full set of the PPE described above must maintain a safe distance from any hot pieces of metal and equipment while supervising the furnace.
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