Member Storage Area



Membership storage is a finite resource in denhac. We have a dedicated space for member storage bins. There is also active material storage for active member projects in various parts of the space. Storage spaces are intended for storage of materials for active projects and it is strongly discouraged to use denhac for long term storage either in member storage bins or materials storage. 

If you would like to register for a member storage space please fill out the registration form.

If you have a storage space but do not actively use it, please consider releasing your bin space so someone on the waiting list can get storage for their projects.

Storage Policy

The storage policy is intended to encourage active use of the space and discourage long term static storage. Please do not consider denhac to be a first option for storage of materials unless you are actively working on projects. Tools can be stored in your personal member storage, offered to be shared for general space use or donated to denhac. Please do not store tools in public space for private use.

Member Storage Bins

Space for bin storage is available to members. Member bin storage is located in the Fishbowl. Bin storage is intended to be used for active members with active projects. It is strongly discouraged to use member bin storage for long term static storage. 

  • Storage bin space is available to members in good standing
  • Members must register for a storage bin 
  • Members will be given a storage bin space or put on a wait list if there no current storage space available
  • Members will keep their storage space contained to the assigned area
  • All storage bins must be labeled with the name and slack handle of the member
  • Bins can be up to 15” W x 24” L x 20” T
  • Members no longer in good standing (cancellation, non payment, suspension) will be asked to remove their storage bin within 30 days. Bins left for 60 days will be recycled and materials in the bins will be added to the “hack me” shelf.
  • Members with storage bins will be asked on occasion if they are willing to give up their storage bin space.

Active Materials Storage

Members can store materials in the space for active project use. This includes the woodshop, laser cutting area, metal shop and 3d printing area and any other space where materials may be used for an active project. denhac does not have the space to accommodate long term storage and members are asked to remove their materials from the space when their project is complete or becomes stagnant. Members may donate the remainder of their materials to the space by removing their label.

  • Members can store materials for active projects in designated materials storage areas.
  • Every piece of material will be labeled or bundled together with the member name and slack handle along with the expected time for project completion. 
  • Materials that do not have a name label on the piece or bundle will be considered hackable.
  • Materials that do not have a project completion date will be considered complete and asked to be removed from the space. 
  • Materials left for more than 30 days past their completion date, and have asked to be removed in that 30 days window, will be considered donated to the space and hackable.
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