Active Project Storage Area



Storage is a finite resource in denhac. We have a dedicated space for active project storage. There are two types of storage for projects being actively worked on. Active is defined as at a minimum once every 30 days.

The two types of active project storage are:

  • Active Project Storage Bins (Fishbowl)
  • Active Material Storage (Shop)

Storage spaces are intended for storage of materials for active projects being worked on at denhac, not for long term storage.

Storage Policy

The storage policy is intended to encourage active use of the space and discourage long term static storage. Do not consider denhac to be a first option for storage of materials unless you are actively working on projects. Tools can be stored in your active project storage bin, offered to be shared for general space use, or donated to denhac. Do not store tools in public space for private use.

Active Project Storage Bins

You’re allowed to have one storage bin slot on the shelves in the fishbowl. It MUST be labeled with your name and email address/slack handle. It can go to any open slot on the shelf.

There’s a system to track who’s actively using their storage bin similar to car license plate registration tags (but monthly). There’s a clipboard of stickers with the current month on them. Apply the current month’s sticker to show you’re using your bin. Continue applying a new sticker each month to show it’s actively being used.

Bins that are inactive for an entire month, unlabeled, or those taking up too much space will be moved to the danger zone. Take it home, consolidate it, or put a current month sticker on it and place it back on the shelf. Bins that sit in the the danger zone for an additional month will be considered abandoned and sent to the hack shelf!

For example: In March all bins that still have a January sticker (indicating they were not used all February) will be moved to the danger zone. In April if those bins still haven’t been taken home or added back to the storage area with an updated sticker their contents go to the hack shelf!

Members can discuss, ask questions, and help make a sustainable plan for active project storage in Slack channel #help-storage.

Notifications for Active Project Storage Bins

As a non profit driven by volunteers, we are trying to balance labor and respect while keeping our growing space manageable and organized.

Here is the notification Standard Operating Procedure we will follow for storage bins:

  • We will notify you when your bin/materials move to the danger zone using the labeled contact information.
  • After ~30 days we will notify you when we move your bin/materials to the hack shelf or donate it outside of denhac.

It is important that your name and contact information are on your bin and materials. We will use this to notify you.

Active Materials Storage

Members can store materials in the shop for active project use. This is located in the shop part of the space across from the red tool wall. denhac does not have the space to accommodate long term storage and members need to remove their materials from the space when their project is complete or becomes stagnant. Members may donate the usable remainder of their materials to the space by removing their label and moving it to the “hackable” section.

  • Every piece of material must be labeled or bundled together with the member name, email address/slack handle, and today’s date. Bonus points for including expected project completion date. Store your material in the “Active Materials – 30 day storage zone”.  
  • Materials that have been in the Active Materials zone for longer than 30 days will be moved to the “danger zone”. Take it home or use it ASAP.
  • Materials left in the danger zone for ~30 days will be moved to the hackable zone or disposed of.
  • Materials that do not have a label will be considered hackable or disposed of.

Notifications for Active Material Storage

The volume of materials moving through the shop is too high for individual notifications. It is your responsibility to keep on top of your materials. You will not be notified when your materials move to the danger zone or the hackable zone.

Project Storage

Glue ups, paint jobs, etc. should be left on a workbench with your name, contact, and date you plan to pick it up. Other members may move it to lost and found or around if it’s in the way or past it’s pickup date.

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