denhac’s board appoints five managers who make the day-to-day decisions between board meetings. Depending on what you need, they are a great place to start:

Operations Manager: Casey Hungler (@chungl)

  • “Director of Internal Affairs”
  • @ops
  • Bother for:
    • General space operations
    • Tools and equipment
    • Replacing broken things

Business Manager: Kevin Mossey (@Kevin Mossey)

  • “Director of External Affairs”
  • Bother for:
    • Legal-ese translation services
    • Any interface with external organizations
    • General organization management
    • Point-hairy-boss business stuff

Treasurer: CJ O’Connor (@Agent)

  • “Director of Money”
  • Bother for:
    • Paying dues
    • Spending our $$
    • Reimbursements
    • Tax donation letters
    • Vending machine issues

Events Manager: Jack Woehr (@Jax)

  • #events channel in Slack
  • Bother for:
    • Organizing events at denhac

Safety Manager: Joseph Sweeney (@0rdinaryJ0e)

  • “Steward of fire extinguishers and first aid kits”
  • Bother for:
    • Dangerous, broken equipment
    • Empty first-aid kits
    • Improperly stored supplies (chemicals, etc.)



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