Name: Jointer
Status: Operational
Training: Required
Slack Channel: #help-woodworking
Owner: JP


In person training and sign off required. Training typically takes 10-20 min. We try schedule and teach tablesaw, jointer, planer all at once. See table saw wiki page for details on requesting training.

Training Checklist

  • When to use a jointer and basic principles – making your first flat face
  • The dangerous spinning bits, kickback, blade guard.
  • Knowing when your face is flat
  • Cover everything in Operation section
  • Instructor demo proper technique of setting up machine and pushing a block of wood through the jointer.
  • Trainee demonstrates technique of using the machine

  • Trainers: Sign off trainee using the Slack command /membership > equipment authorization.


Be familiar with and abide by the woodshop rules.


  • Connect dust collection and open gates
  • No nails in your wood – damages the blades!
  • Set cut depth and lock knob. Set MAX 1/32″ and do multiple passes – the machine gauge going to an 1/8″ is a complete lie. 
  • Set Speed (recommend ~3-4)


  • Start the jointer and let it reach full speed before beginning to cut.
  • Hold the wood firmly against the fence and push it over the cutterhead, applying steady and even pressure. 
  • Use three directions of force to push wood through. Through, towards fence, and light downward pressure. Using push blocks for downward force is REQUIRED at denhac! Mitigates common accident of kickback shooting wood back and fingers pushing wood down going into the spinning blade.
  • Never reach over the cutter head or try to pull the wood through.
  • Shut off the jointer and wait for the cutter head to stop spinning before grabbing your material or removing any waste.

Shutdown & Cleanup

Close dust collection gates. Sweep up sawdust. Spend extra 5 minutes to leave denhac cleaner than you found it! Leave the push paddles by the jointer.


This jointer is meant more for edges of boards. It won’t handle a 6″ face of a hardwood. Look into building a planer sled or going to Denver tool library which has a beefy 12″ jointer. No nails in your wood!


Clear our any sawdust jammed in machine
Blades need to be sharpened and replaced?
Post in #help-woodworking before attempting maintenance on this machine
Always unplug before performing maintenance

Files & Resources

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Name Denhac name of machine
Manufacturer Craftsman 6″ Variable Speed Bench Jointer
Year Released  
Serial No.  
Software None


Owned by JP on loan to denhac. Discussion around denhac buying an upgraded jointer May 2023 but figuring out power & space dependencies first.

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