Grendel (Dodge 1987 Van)


Status: Sold

Grendel was sold in 8/3/2022 to Geoff and Amanda.




Previously owned by a Colorado Springs hackerspace and operated monthly as a mobile destination for members to test exploits on new security vulnerabilities, Grendel was eventually decommissioned and donated to Denhac.





  • Make: Dodge
  • Model: Ram B250 Van
  • Year: 1987


  • Manufactured by Chrysler Canada Ltd.
  • In April 1987 ā€œCā€
  • GVWR 6400 lbs
  • GAWR Front 2980 lbs at 35 PSI cold
  • GAWR Rear 3850 lbs at 41 PSI cold
  • With tires P235/75R15XL
  • Rims at 15Ɨ6.5


  • Mopar V8 318 (5.2L)
  • 1977 horsepower 145 @ 4,000
  • Torque, 1971 (gross) 230
  • Torque, lb-ft, 1975-77 255 @ 1,600
  • Compression (1973) 8.6 to 1


  • Custom fiberglass top (no load bearing capability)
  • New filter
  • Extra set of new spark plugs
  • Extra rebuilt carburetor (needs bowl vent mechanism from existing carb)


  • Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

What it needs to get running

What needs to be done to get it running again:

  • At a minimum, #6 exhaust lifter
  • Preferably, full set of lifters for the whole engine, all other lifters are presumably on the same age and wear level, others may be weak as well. While replacing lifters, the belly pan should be removed to inspect the camshaft for damage from the lifter failure to determine if it needs to be replaced as well.

Otherwise, the engine seems rather healthy,  compression numbers were 130-145 psi, well above the minimum spec of  >= 100 psi, < 25 psi between min and max.

Other repairs needed

  • Right turn signal circuit
  • Air Injection System
  • Optional Vapor Cannister
  • Fuel and Temperature Gauges (gauges work on test bench with electrical power applied)
  • KPH to MPH system
  • Brake job including flush, new tires
  • Emissions test (Currently high on NOx)
  • Sky lights in roof need replacing


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