Embroidery Training Checklist


Trainer Checklist

  • Identify the embroidery machine vs other sewing machines in the room
  • Machine setup
    • Identify parts of the machine setup: screen, needle, foot, hoop, bobbin case, USB stick
    • Identify top threads suitable for machine use from the rack of all threads
    • Can add thread to empty bobbin
    • Can thread lower half of machine with full bobbin
    • Can thread upper half of machine, including needle, from an appropriate spool
    • Identify when machine foot is up and when it is down
    • Can attach and detach hoop from machine
  • Fabric setup
    • Choose an appropriate test fabric from fabrics in the room
    • Iron fabric to smooth without melting anything
    • Put ironed fabric and stabilizer in hoop at appropriate tension
    • Attach hoop to machine
  • Using preset designs
    • Select a design from the machine presets and adjust location on the fabric within the hoop, on the machine touch screen
    • Understand when/how to rethread top thread to switch colors
    • Skip forward and backwards by number of stitches/pattern color pieces
    • Understand when preset layers need to happen in a specific order (e.g. satin above fill)
    • Trainee successfully completes all layers of a machine preset design on test fabric (i.e. put foot down, press button, watch machine to completion of design)
  • Creating a custom design
    • Understand if a file from online is of the appropriate format
    • Understand if a shape will fit in the hoop
    • Advanced info not tested, out of scope for this training
    • Show users how to select machine and hoop size in Hatch
    • Show how to export to the embroidery pi
  • Troubleshooting
    • Know where the screwdriver for the machine is stored
    • Can use screwdriver to take off and put on bottom metal plate (should only be necessary if there is a snag in the threads)
    • Can use screwdriver to take off and put on needle (should only be necessary if needle breaks)
  • Hackerspace citizenship
    • Cleans up and removes threads from machine after training completed
    • Understand who to ask for help in Slack, and when to ask for help (e.g. if there is a snag you can’t untangle, if you’re not sure what to do)
    • Understand where information is listed on the wiki
    • Acknowledge that this equipment is on loan and that it’s better to raise issues early than to accidentally break it
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