Dewalt Planer




Name: Planer
Status: Operational 
Training: Required
Slack Channel: #help-woodworking
Owner: denhac


In person training and sign off required. Training typically takes 10-20 min. We try schedule and teach table saw, jointer, planer all at once. See table saw wiki page for details on requesting training.

Training Checklist

  • When to use planer and basic principles – requires a first flat face on bottom!
  • The dangerous spinning bits, kick back, keeping your fingers away, never push wood through
  • Knowing when your face is flat
  • Cover entire Operation Section
  • Instructor demo proper technique of setting up machine and sending a piece of wood through the planer
  • Trainee demonstrates technique by putting wood piece through planer
  • Trainers: Sign off trainee using the Slack command /membership > equipment authorization



  • Connecting dust collection
  • No nails in your wood – damages the blades!
  • Left lock knob limits height. Never force height wheel!
  • Adjust the speed for rough/finishing only when machine is running
  • Find initial height by putting material under and using wheel until gauge moves
  • Set initial height to take off MAX 1/32″ and do multiple passes – similar to the jointer, the machine gauge saying it will take of 1/8″ is a complete lie


  • Feeding wood – always let auto feed grab wood. Never push through.

  • Turn wheel MAX quarter turn for each pass

Shutdown & Cleanup

Close dust collection gates. Sweep up sawdust. Check the dust collection system – if it’s full take it out to the alley. Spend an extra 5 minutes to leave denhac cleaner than you found it!


Someone built a sled/jig for uneven faces for using this as a 12″ jointer.


Blades need to be sharpened and replaced?

Post in #help-woodworking before attempting maintenance on this machineAlways unplug before performing maintenance

Files & Resources

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Name denhac planer
Manufacturer DeWalt
Year Released  
Model DW735
Serial No.  
Software None


Purchased in 2021 by denhac. Machine has been broken several times by people trying to shave off too much material before we required training sign off. 

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