Digitizing for Embroidery


Digitizing for Embroidery


Embroidery machines operate as a CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) for sewing threads. They are similar to laser cutters, 3d printers, and CNC mills in the fact that they follow a programmable pattern and execute user instructions. Embroidery machines are depositing thread into fabric based on the input instructions, and they can be used to create colorful and complex patterns in patches, clothing, and virtually any type of fabric.

This page is dedicated to helping members understand techniques for programming the embroidery machine otherwise known as “digitizing.”

Hatch Embroidery 3

Quick guide for creating a design in Hatch.

Inkscape/ Ink/Stitch

Inkskape is free, open-source software for vector editing. Ink/stitch is an extension for Inkscape that allows users to export files with embroidery instructions.

External Resources:

Inkscape: free vector editor

Ink/stitch: Plug-in for Inkscape that plans machine embroidery designs

YouTube playlist from Ink/stitch devs for introducing the tool

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