Classroom Area



The Classroom is used for a variety of group events and hangouts. This space features a projector, sound system, and large table for collaborating with many people. It is comparable to the Lounge Area, though the Classroom lighting is brighter.

It is ideal for planned events, such as:

  • those posted on (example: Locksport & Lockpicking 101 (monthly – 2nd Tuesday | 20:00-22:00)
  • Movie Night (weekly – Monday | 21:00)
  • Ad-hoc Presentations / Collaborations
  • DC303 (monthly – last Friday | 19:00-22:00)


  • Computer: ASRock H97M-ITX/ac
    • Memory: 8.0 GB
    • Processor: Intel Core 13-4370 x 4
    • Graphics: Mesa Intel HD Graphics 4600 (H5W G12)
    • Disk Capacity: 250 GB
    • OS Name: Arch Linux, rolling
  • Projector: EX9200 Pro Wireless WUXGA 3LCD Projector (Model: V11H722020, manual)
  • Camera: HuddleCamHD Pro IP – A 4K NDI® Webcam (Model: HC-EPTZ-NDI, manual)
  • AV Receiver Model: Yamaha 5.1-Channel 4K AV Receiver (Model: RX-V385, manual)
  • Audio/MIDI Interface: U-PHORIA UMC404HD
  • Speaker System: JBL Control 25AV (spec sheet)


Turning on the Projector

To turn on the projector, locate the power icon and press this button once. The projector should beep, fans should start spinning, and the picture should appear after a brief warmup period (~30 seconds).

Turning off the Projector

To turn off the projector, locate the power button. This button will need to be pressed twice with a brief pause between each press. The first button press will ask if you want to shut the projector off, and the second button process will start the shut-off process.

It may take some time for the fans to stop spinning to prevent damage to the hot bulb.

Selecting your input

Alternative heading: “Why is my device not appearing? Something seems to be!”

The Chromecast, Table HDMI, and A/V Computer input are all connected to a HDMI Switcher which is located next to the A/V Computer on the wall. To change which input is being displayed, click the corresponding button on top of the HDMI Switch.

AUX -> HDMI on top of the HDMI Switch
TABLE – > HDMI Cable located on center table
CAST -> Chromecast (Hatervison MK.2)
COMP -> A/V Computer

How do I setup for a board meeting?

  • Turn on the projector
  • Set HDMI Switch to “COMP”
  • On the Classroom computer:
    • Open OBS and select “Start Virtual Camera”
    • Open the Google Meet (
    • Make sure Google is signed in using the account (ask board member for password from Bitwarden)
    • Microphone should be set to “UMC404HD 192k Analog Surround 4.0”
    • Speakers should be set to “System Default”
      • Default speaker should be set to “HDMI/DisplayPort – Built-In Audio” in Settings > Sound
    • Camera should be set to “OBS Virtual Camera”
    • Drag window to the right to move to the projector
  • Troubleshooting
    • Microphone volume can be adjusted using the microphone mixer located under the left monitor. Volume control is done for each side of the table (Left and Right) using the mixer.
    • Speaker volume can be adjusted using the Computer volume mixer or the Receiver in the closet
      • Adjust using the Computer first, then Receiver
    • OBS has to stay running with “Virtual Camera” feature on for camera to work
    • OBS camera preview black? Make sure the eye icon next to “NDI Source” under the “Sources” panel is not crossed out.
    • Reach out to @agent on Slack

How do I project my computer or YouTube video?

There are three dedicated ways of displaying content on the Projector:

  • Chromecast that is always hooked up and labeled “Hatervison MK.2” on the network (CAST)
  • Using the Classroom A/V Computer (COMP)
  • Using your own computer via HDMI at the Classroom table(TABLE)

Using the Chromecast is the simplest way to get started: Cast a Chrome tab or your Screen on your TV – Chromecast Help (

How do I record a Presentation?

<todo: @chillwat is in progress of this, ask if you are interested>

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