Compressed Air System



We have a 175 PSI permanently installed shop air system that provides high pressure compressed air across the dirty area.

There are outlets in:

  • The woodshop near the workbench
  • The automotive bay near the garage door controls
  • The metal shop near the lathes
  • The laser cutter area

Usage Guide

Familiarize yourself with the system specs in the section below.

The air compressor should be left in “auto” mode so that the tank remains charged for anyone who needs to use it.

Adjust pressure at the secondary regulator near the outlet where you are using your tool

While the primary regulator can be adjusted, it should generally be left at 150 PSI unless you have a good reason to change it. If an adjustment is needed, please return to 150 PSI when finished.

Coil hoses and return accessories to their homes when finished using.

System Specs

Operating Pressure

The main line pressure is set by the primary regulator, a blue device on the wall above the air compressor, and is typically set around 150 PSI.

There are currently step-down regulators installed at the woodshop, auto bay, and metal shop outlets.

Warning: The compressor is capable of generating a maximum of 175 PSI, and the primary regulator is capable of outputting the same. The shop air line should be assumed to be at 175 PSI and all connected devices and plumbing must be rated for at least 175 PSI input pressure, unless protected by a secondary regulator.


The primary regulator has a moisture filter.

The secondary regulator in the garage bay has an additional moisture filter as well as an oiler with adjustable flow. This regulator is limited to 140 PSI output pressure. It is able to be bypassed in case these features are undesirable.

Tools & Accessories


We have a limited selection of air tools:

  • Rigid 18 gauge brad nailer
    • brads are a member-supplied consumable. We do not guarantee that we keep these in stock
  • Roofing nailer
  • schrader valve tire inflator
  • Assorted air nozzles

Air tools live in a few different places:

  • Nailers live on the tool shelf in the wood shop
  • One air nozzle should live with each hose reel
  • Other nozzles and accessories live in a wooden tool holder mounted below the regulator in the automotive bay

You are welcome to bring in your own air tools to use with our system, or suggest tools for us to buy.

We commonly get questions about using our system for spray painting. Our system is suitable for use with hobby sprayers, but we have not yet purchased any such equipment. You’re welcome to bring in your own. If operating in the automotive area, you’ll probably want to bypass the lubricating regulator. You’ll want a quality regulator suited for the operating pressure of your sprayer.


Hose reels are permanently mounted at the outlets in the wood, metal, and automotive areas.

A yellow air hose extension (50′?) lives on the red tool wall across from the lumber storage area.


Our system uses “industrial” type quick disconnect fittings. These fittings have 1/4″ NPT threads:

Compressor Info

The compressor is a Husky 60 Gal Stationary Air Compressor which is permanently mounted in the woodshop along the tool wall.


  • 60 Gal. oil lubed belt drive air compressor3.7 hp
  • 175 maximum psi
  • 11.5 SCFM at 90 psi
  • 240-Volt, 60Hz, 15A single phase AC



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