1. The denhac refrigerator is intended for the short-term storage of food only. Ideally food should be taken with you when you leave the space.
  2. All food stored in the refrigerator must be in a closed, sealed container.
  3. All food containers should be labeled with owner’s name.
    1. Food without a name on it is considered communal property.
  4. All food must be labeled with the date it was added to the refrigerator.
    1. Food must be removed from the refrigerator within one week of the date it was added. Food that is not labeled with a date, or is not removed within one week of being added will be thrown away.
  5. The refrigerator will be cleaned/emptied every Monday at the discretion of the managers and board of directors.
  6. Managers and/or the board of directors reserve the right to dispose of anything in the refrigerator at any time and for any reason.

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