Board Minutes 2020-07-07


  • Chair – Nothing to report. 
  • Vice Chair – Nothing to report. 
  • Secretary – Nothing to report.


  • External Business Manager – Air compressor has returned. 
  • Internal Business Manager – Needs to restock first aid kit. New laser hasn’t burned down the space. 
  • Treasurer – 73 members for June. 


  • Grendel update: Jeremy Sr. Grendel Handler – Jeremy not in attendance. Justin talked to him this week. Jeremy didn’t realize he was allowed in the space. Now he knows. 
  • Workshops / Events Update: Lee Tal – Lee not in attendance but emailed saying he had nothing to update. 
  • Vending Machine Updates: 
    • Item Machine – Justin has been working on it but has not made progress. Gave Gizmo Dojo their board. 
    • Soda Machine – No update. 
  • (Hello New) Laser Update:  As a result of the laser cutter name poll, the new laser’s name is Ultra Secret. Huzzah! 
  • Bylaws Rework Update: Link to draft:
    • Some discussion was had but there were some strong feelings on certain sections. Tabled until next board meeting. Link also shared to the whole organization for comment.
  • The Move – OMF is leaving in Feb 2021 or Oct 2020. Conflicting info provided. They are the anchor tenant and are responsible for collecting rent from other tenants, denhac included. OMF approached us about becoming the new ‘building managers’. We’re not interested. Digi is willing to take on building management with his business. 


  • IBM Qiskit Summer Jam: Jack –  Qiskit is IBMs python toolkit for quantum computing. Jack will provide more details after his meeting tomorrow. 
  • (Goodbye Old) Laser – Justin may be interested in buying the laser from denhac. Former member, Robb, may also be interested in buying it but he hasn’t seen it since he’s not currently a member. Do we want to create a poll to determine its fate? Justin is going to create a poll to see what the members want to do with the laser. Stay tuned. 
  • LearnDash Plugin: Justin –  Training and testing (LMS). Would be used to train and ‘certify’ people to use equipment (like the new laser). $159.00/year. 

⊕ BOARD VOTE: Do we want to purchase the plugin?

Result: All in favor


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