Board: Acr0nym, Ap0k, Jane, Madstringer, Mar, Sockwell

Absent: Tilver

Members: Fred, LP, Scott, Sean

Minutes: Jane

Presiding: Mar

Mar called the meeting to order at 19:19.

Mar began by trying to read the minutes from the October 30 meeting. Ap0k agreed to get the sheetrock for drywall under the stairs. After numerous interruptions, Ap0k moved to waive the reading of the rest of the minutes. Sockwell seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.

Chair report Mar and Sockwell continue to work on the lighting project.

Vice-chair report Sockwell says we are striding valiantly into the future.

Secretary’s report None.

Treasurer’s report Madstringer reported that the space had received a $1000 donation from Encana courtesy of Raphael which has been passed to School Factory for processing. He then distributed a cash flow statement for the board’s review.

Event Coordinator report None

Agenda items

Sockwell’s December handle - Jane motioned to call him Hamswell. Mar seconded the motion. The motion passed with all in favor except Hamswell. He was opposed.

LPFM update - Stringer gave a recap of the meeting held Saturday, November 24 that was open to all members and the public. Point of contact people were designated as follows: Programming - TC Development/marketing - Mar Business - Jane Operations - Acr0nym Governance - Stringer The board discussed the options pertaining to obtaining the 501©(3) IRS designation. Jane moved to apply for the 501©(3) designation for denhac and run the LPFM (if a license is granted when the filing window opens in 3rd quarter 2013) as a subset of denhac. Sockwell seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

Year end purchases - Mar asked for $100 for small “bits and pieces” such as rulers, scissors, and consumable craft-type items. Acr0nym moved to approve said bits and Sockwell seconded the pieces. The motion passed unanimously. Mar also stated she had a lead on a possible laser cutter donation or deep discount. She and Scott were working on the details. Acr0nym said his station is mostly complete with the exception of signage/instructions and that requires no dollars. Sockwell e-mailed Stringer his wish list on the spot. We all ignored it. Ap0k said he would make sure to get his list to Stringer on the morrow. Fred had previously sent along his wish list sans prices. He’ll update and get back to Stringer. Stringer then suggested we spend the $100 for Mar’s stuff and set aside the rest of the available funds for the 501©(3) application preparation (being done by a 3rd party accounting firm) and the filing fee. Once the grant from Encana is received, then we could spend money on additional equipment.

Big ticket items - Sockwell indicated he’d heard from a guy at Aleph Objects who was pretty keen on running a demo of their Lulzbot 3D printer. Stringer asked AGAIN for people to get him their big ticket item wish lists with prices.

Wiki - Mar says would you all, for the love of Pete, update the dang wiki already?!

Grendel van update - Ap0k and Wayne met at the space prior to the board meeting and fixed the brakes. They are still researching catalytic converters. If the van is Canadian, they don’t think it will need one…ay.

Upcoming events/classes - Jane moved to have a New Years Eve party at the space. Acr0nym seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously (we’re a bunch of congenial folks, apparently). Mar said she and Sockwell would shoot to have the lighting project done by then.

Bar building - Mar and Ap0k will work on this.

Maker Faire - Mar moved to table this until after the holidays. Sockwell seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

Entry system/keyless lock - Tilver still has the lock but he didn’t show up (blah blah work guy) but, according to Ap0k, he was going to talk to Bailey about something having to do with the lock (I can’t read my handwriting so I don’t know what).

Sockwell moved to table all discussions about getting AC installed until April. Ap0k seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

The board then went into executive session at 20:05.

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