Nomad 3

Required Training Training is required before operating the CNC machine. Overview denhac is borrowing a Nomad 3, “a fully integrated, ready-to-run desktop CNC mill that’s at home in any environment.” Training + authorization is required to use this machine. Specs From the manufacturer’s page: Materials General Process CAD + CAM Cut Cut Please be sure […]

Smithy Granite 1324 Lathe/Mill Combo

Location Metal Working Area History Purchased used by Denhac. Ownership Denhac Specs Make: Smithy / Detroit Machine Tools Model: 1324 Year: before May 2003 Description/Purpose: Remove metal Dimensions: 46″ x 22.5″ x 39″ Weight: 310 kg Accessories Upgrades None Pending Repairs Clean, lube, adjust as specified in manual Mill can’t handle much torque without slipping […]