News from denhac and Hack the Space this Saturday

We’ve had some good developments at denhac and lots of members hard at work with upgrades and programs.

Wi-Fi is more stable now with new building-wide Ubiquity access points. Denhac members kicked off efforts for new community programs and potential grants to fund them. Additionally, local broadcasters donated equipment to our low-power fm station.

With denhac settling into our space and growing a little, it’s time for another Hack the Space effort. Under Scott’s direction, we will be organizing and doing a few odd tasks this Saturday at 1 pm. There will be some food and drink (BYOB) and an acceptably good time. As the joke has started, service guarantees citizenship!


Upcoming events (Hack the hac!)

Our monthly LockSport is this Tuesday at 8 pm. Come join us to learn and practice lockpicking or for the week’s Open House.

We’re also hosting a unique opportunity for members to creatively solve tech problems for Denhac while learning about building an enterprise environment for development and production web servers. Denhac’s first hackathon will start this Friday at 6 pm and go until Sunday to finish the tools we start. Pizza and pop will be served for the duration of the event.

Come hang out and learn about enterprise software development and deployment on a real application that will actually get used.

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Learn how to use tools your grandfather knew as “technology” and then get the most out of google App Engine.

12:00 – Tools of the Elder Gods: The Slide Rule (cooler than a compass maybe not as cool as a sextant)

13:00 – Tools of the Elder Gods: The RPN Calculator (bring one or a new fangled emulator)

20:00 – Hack-A-Doc part one in a series created by Belin designed to teach us “In three steps, how to create an API out of your google docs data, then access the API with AJAX using a Single Page App, and then host the site for free with Google app engine”

We made it!

We made it! So It’s been just over a month and we’re fitting into our new location nicely. Lots of good things in the works, so come down and check us out.

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We’re moving? We’re moving!

Yes, it’s true! We’re moving!

Where: 700 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204

When: Well, that’s tricky. So, we’re physically moving our belongings from the current space to the new space September 13th and 14th. However! We need your help getting everything packed, palletized and loaded between now and then. We’re lucky enough to know some people who can drive forklifts and we have access to large moving trucks.

So, please consider this an all hands call for help! Let’s move denhac!

This week at denhac! Aug 3 – Aug 9

This week is certainly going to be a little quieter with a lot of people leaving for Defcon this week but it definitely won’t be boring. When the cats away, the mice will play…

Here’s what’s going on this week:

Sunday, August 3, 2014: {}

Monday, August 4th, 2014: {}

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014: Open House! Want to meet some tinkerers, hackers, makers or generally nerdy people? Do you need help on a project? Then you should stop by for Open House. There’s guaranteed to be a group of people hanging around, working on something or just socializing. We’re friendly, we promise. RSVP on Meet Up!

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014: {}

Thursday, August 7th, 2014: Work From Denhac Day! WFDD is for those of you who work remotely and need to get that weekly dose of social interaction. Load up your laptop, art project, or whatever you’re working on and join us! RSVP on Meet Up!

Thursday, August 7th, 2014: Young Makers Planning Meeting! Parents and kids (roughly ages 6-17), join us to plan the direction for a Denhac Maker Camp based loosely around the official Maker Camp curriculum. Especially with the loss of our Coder Dojo and Science Dojo, we’d like to establish a meetup targeted specifically at all our younger makers and hackers. We will have a fun activity from the Maker Camp for kids to work on while parents discuss days, times, frequency, topics, etc. for what they’d like to see from a denhac offering. If you’re not able to attend, you can also submit your preferences and ideas to Robb ( or Heidi (

We have received a fun box of gear from Make and will have that out to look through (soldering kits and irons, Makey Makey, Arduino UNOs, a stack of kid-oriented books, tees and stickers, etc). It’s really a great program and next summer we’d like to try implementing it from the beginning of the summer. The Maker Camp curriculum can be viewed here: though we are not constricted by it. It’s also almost over for the summer so we can pick and choose the projects and “field trips” we like, and add new content where we want it.

You can join the discussion on the ‘denhac – Young Makers’ G+ page now!

RSVP on Meet Up!

Friday, August 8th, 2014: Game Night! It’s the end of the week so it’s time to cut loose! What better way than Game Night? The house favorite seems to be Cards Against Humanity but recently there have been talks of putting together a poker game. We’re open to anything, really. RSVP on Meet Up!

Saturday, August 9th, 2014: Open House! This is for those of you who don’t have time to stop by during the week. Our doors are open from 12 P.M. to 5 P.M. (at least) for everyone to stop by and check us out, get help on a project, socialize, or whatever you like. We’re easy-going like that. We’ve even been known to have impromptu cook-outs.

Saturday, August 9th, 2014: Nerdy Knitting Circle! This is the inaugural meeting of the Nerdy Knitting (and crochet!) Circle! Surely there are members and significant others of members who enjoy the fiber arts. So, we invite you to join us to talk about nerdy things while working on your latest knit or crochet creation. No age or skill restrictions. Bring something you’re working on or something you want to show off.

We may make this a recurring event depending on the turnout this weekend.

We hope to see you there! RSVP on Meet Up!

Denhac is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of technology, art, DIY, and craft-related classes for all ages, and survives on donations and membership dues. As with (almost) all Denhac classes, attendance is free of charge and membership is not required. Donations are strongly encouraged.